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What Are The Best Hairstyles For Face Framing A Round Face?

Do you have a round face that you keep trying to hide by growing your hair out in the front. Most people find that having a round face limits their hair styling and cutting options whereas this is not ture. Having a round face is not the problem, rather not knowing what hairstyle is most flattering for your face is the problem. Here are some great options for those with round face shapes to make your best features stand out and make you fall in love with your unique face shape.

Add Highlights To Your Medium Length Wavy Hair

If you are hesitant to cut your medium-length hair, add some dimension to your gorgeous hair by adding some highlights and waves. This frames your face beautifully and draws focus down to your wavy hair making your face appear longer and softer. The color in your hair makes the color in your eyes stand out, distracting from the shape of your face.

Get An Asymmetrical Lob

An asymmetrical lob is a fantastic haircut for those with round faces. This is because the symmetrical cut breaks the uniformity of the round cheeks on both sides, allowing the focus to shift from the face. The angled cut also makes the face look 2/3rds of its original size and gives a modern twist to your overall look.

Go For A Layered Shag With A Fringe

This super cute hairstyle has been trending all of last year. Face framing heavy layers in the hair add length to the face giving the illusion of breaking up the round face to make it look slimmer. A layered fringe sits on the forehead's sides and ends just below the chin, making a round face appear elongated.

A Side Swept Bob

If you are looking for a glamorous look, then a side-swept bob is a great haircut to help balance the width of a round face making it look narrow. Adding some beachy waves adds length to the face making it look more elongated and slimmer. A bob that ends just below the chin makes it stand out, as the chin is usually the best feature in round faces. Try not to let your hair go shorter than your chin if you have a round face unless you are going for an asymmetrical lop.

The Final Word

A round face does not necessarily mean you cannot try new hairstyles. Most people with long faces refrain from cutting their hair too short as they worry this would draw too much attention to their wide faces. But an asymmetrical lob, a side swept bob, and layered fringes can give the illusion of a long face and can make round faces look flattering and slimmer. Consult with the best hair stylist for best hairstyles for face framing a round face.

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