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Cut & Finish

Short/Med   £48.50

Long            £51.50

Walk-In        £30.00


Wet            £33.00

Dry             £24.00 +


Short/Med            £23.50

Long                     £28.50

Bodywave            £37.50


Shampoo            £20.00

Cut & Set            £38.50

Full Colour

Short/Med            £58.00

Long                     £67.00


Short/Med            £65.00

Long                     £80.00

Half/T-Bar              £58 +


Roots Retouch         £45.00

Perm                         £50.00

Balayage                   £POA

Colour Correction    £POA

Wedding Hair           £POA


Gent Cut              £15.00

Clipper                  £10.00

Child's                  £12.00

Keratin straightening 


For smooth, straight, frizz-free hair

A Keratin treatment provides smooth, straight, frizz-free hair for up to four months. Keratin is the protein that gives hair its strength. During this treatment your hair will be inflused with Keratin. Hair will be sleeker and easier to manage. This is great for cutting down the time it takes to style your hair. Better still, since you need less heat when styling, your hair will suffer less damage. What's more, Keratin fills the pores in hair that normally allow colour to fade. This means a Keratin treatment can help to keep coloured hair brighter for longer.


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