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What Are The Best Hair Styles For Long Faces?

All face shapes are unique, and one is not better than the other. The best look you can have highlights your best features and makes your face shape stand out. Long faces can look gorgeous and extremely becoming with the right haircut.

Does Long Hair Or Short Hair Look Better With A Long Face?

The rule is that the longer your hair is, the longer it will make your face look. So a good tip to break the length of your face is by getting bangs. Bangs reduce the length of the face by covering the forehead and leaving less of the face visible. Side swept bangs or curtain bangs are all great styles that you can try with an oblong face.

What Are The Best Hairstyles For Long Faces?

The great thing about long faces is that there are many hairstyles that you can experiment with if you have a long face. The addition of waves, curls, and bangs can help break the length of the face and make it appear smaller and wider. Here are some great styles that people with long faces can try:

Chin Length Bob With Blunt Ends

Short hair looks great on long faces, and a bob that ends at the chin with blunt ends gives a fantastic bold look.

Choppy Lob With Bangs

Bangs break the length of the face and one that

Medium Length Hair With Layers And And Waves

Waves add dimension and volume to the hair making your long face look smaller and wider.

Messy Curls With Long Hair

If you have long hair, then messy curls are a great way to add width to the face and add volume to the hair.

Pixie Cut With Bangs

This is a super cute look that looks stunning on long faces. It highlights your best features and is sure to make heads turn.

Shaggy Cut With Curtain Bangs

This stunning layered cut blends well with curtain bangs giving your face that extra oomph. Definitely, a hairstyle to try for people with oblong faces.

Side Parted Shaggy Lob

Side parted hair in a shaggy lob is another fantastic style to try. Short and messy hair never goes wrong with longer faces adding weight and width to the face.

Feathered Pixie Cut

Those who like pixie cuts can take it up a notch by going for a feathered look.

Half Tied Up

A half-tied look is great to make your best features stand out. This hairstyle looks great with shorter hair.

Full And Curly

Thick and curly hair adds volume and gives the illusion of a fuller and wider face.

Updo With Bangs

Go for an elegant updo with bangs; it can never go wrong with long faces.

And, Cut!

There are many great hairstyles for people with long faces that can highlight your best features; try one or more of the hairstyles mentioned above. Take photos of a professional hairstylist and show them what you are looking for.

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