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Summer Hair Care Tips

It's summertime! That means lounging by the beach, swimming in the pool, and laying under the sun sipping margaritas. But, it isn’t the best time for your hair as it is scorching under the sun. Here are some tips to protect your hair from the summer sun:

Get A Trim

Get a trim to get rid of those split ends and give your hair a fresh new look for the summertime. You might need another cut soon since hair grows fast during spring and summer. Get ready to enjoy the summer sun!

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Just like your skin needs sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays, your hair also needs protection. Many hair care products in the market have UV filters in them. They come in sprays, gels, and cream forms and can be applied to your hair before you step out in the sun. If you have color-treated hair, it can be protected from fading and damage by using hair protectants as well.

It helps to wear a large hat if you plan to spend the day at the beach for added protection for hair, scalp, and ears as well.

Presoak Your Hair Before Entering The Water

Soaking up chlorine-treated water and sea water is bad for color-treated hair as well as blondes. It can reduce the natural shine in your hair and fade out your hair color. It helps to presoak your hair with water or to apply a conditioner to your hair strands to minimize the soaking up of sea and swimming pool water. This is because wet hair is not as porous and does not absorb as much water.

Don’t Forget To Condition

The heat from the sun can make your hair very dry and damaged; therefore, hydrate as much as possible. You may skip shampooing, but do not step out of the shower without conditioning your hair. Invest in good hydration masks for your hair and ensure hydration as much as possible.

Ditch Your Heat Styling Tools

The summer heat is bad enough for your hair; try not to put your hair through more heat. If you must, then blow dry your hair on a cool setting and use a heat protectant before using any heat on your hair for added protection.

Tie Your Hair In Loose Styles

A loosely tied braid or a bun are great hairstyles to minimize sun exposure on your hair. If you plan to be outdoors, it helps to keep your hair from flying in the wind and tangling up.

Use A Wide Toothed Comb To Detangle

Never attempt to detangle hair with a brush; instead, detangle with a wide-toothed comb when it is damp and well-conditioned. This prevents hair fall and breakage significantly.

DIY Hydration Spray

Fill a spray bottle with aloe vera juice, water, and avocado oil and spray onto your hair for extra hydration and moisture whenever needed.


It’s a good idea to visit a professional hairstylist just before summertime begins to get a trim and some first-hand hair care tips for your hair type. They will also be able to recommend some great hair styles to suit your hair and face to get through the summer months.

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