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Stylish cuts for your curly hair

Styling curly hair can surely be a task, but remember that your natural curls are the key to sophistication and sexiness. However, it is pretty challenging for those blessed with natural curls to find a flattering haircut that suits one’s face shape as well as personality. Cuts for curly hair require different techniques and skills compared to haircuts for sleek straight hair. If you have curly hair, fret not! Here are 6 stylish haircuts that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1. A-line bob

A good hair day is all about a trendy chop that can be styled easily. If you’re looking for a funky haircut, an edgy A-line bob is perfect for you. The key to achieving this look is to go short at the back and leave hair at the front longer. The layers add volume and movement. If you are looking for a dramatic feel, a short fringe will do the trick. This haircut is excellent for all types of curls.

2. Long layered cut

A layered haircut is great choice for individuals who love their long locks and don’t want to go for a shorter hairstyle. Barely-there long layers near the ends of your hair will look effortless, creating enough movement. The long layered cut is a versatile style that complements all kinds of curls and face cuts.

3. Curly shag

A perfect cut for curls of all textures, the 70s-inspired shaggy cut is here to stay. Looking for a versatile cut? You can opt for the curly shag, which is a sophisticated yet playful haircut. The thinned-out ends and bangs allow movement to your curly tresses, while the square layers and heavy bangs make this cut sassy and edgy. The key is to work with the natural hair texture, as it gives a trendy, lived-in look.

4. Lob

The long bob hair cut is all the rage these days, more commonly known as lob. What’s cool about lobs is that they look wonderful on almost everyone, especially women with round faces. The lob looks fantastic no matter what your curl type or face shape is. Want to take your haircut up a notch? Go ahead and add face-framing layers to the lob.

5. The asymmetrical cut

Another haircut that looks stunning on curly-haired girls is the short asymmetrical cut, where one side of the hair is shorter than the other, depending on which side you want to keep longer. The asymmetrical cut looks quirky when your locks fall over your face.

6. Rounded curly cut

This haircut looks amazing on everyone. However, if you have a square face, then the rounded curly cut is just what you need to flaunt your curls in style. If you are looking for a soft, subtle style, go for a more layered, rounded shape in medium or short length. It all depends on the length you prefer.

Curls are certainly not easy to style, but a good, on-trend cut that complements your curly hair texture is what you need. When going for a cut, make sure you discuss it with an expert hairstylist ahead of time. They will suggest you the perfect haircut; after all, they know what will look flattering on you.

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