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It’s time to change your hair colour!

A change in your hair style is always refreshing. You can either opt for an edgy or a fresh wash of hair colour. The best and instant way to boost your look is to experiment with your hair dye. The truth is, an exceptional hair colour not only elevates your overall look, but the modern wave of hair-dye innovation can definitely give your dull, drab hair a new life.

Though playing around with your hair shade can be fun, make sure that your hair colour is personalized. Confused? It means that your hair dye should be based keeping your hair texture and skin tone in mind. Don’t forget that it is essential for your hair colour to match your personality.

Read on to find out which hair dye shades are trending this season.

Copper hues

Bold hues are taking over as far as hair colours are concerned. Opt for copper tones this season, but make sure you don’t confuse it with brassy tones. A mix of red and bronze shades, grown out, softer copper tones will look edgy and cool. Your copper hair will surely draw attention and turn heads everywhere you go.

Grombre hair

This trend took over when there was no access to salons during strict lockdowns around the globe. Celebrate your grey roots as this season is all about a move toward natural hair enhancement. Basically, the idea is to blend your natural grey hair with highlights or balayage, using shades of blonde or ash grey. This will accentuate the greys and will give a more low-maintenance, natural look.

The coffee balayage

We often play it safe when going for a hair colour change and prefer sticking to subtle and soft highlights. If you want to liven up your hair but not go for a dramatic look, opting for coffee balayage can give your hair a lot of dimension and that pop of colour you are looking for. Using varying hues of brown like soft latte and espresso can give a dimensional yet natural look.

Rosy brown shades

Seems like the rose gold trend isn't going anywhere. However, when it comes to trendy, edgy hair colours, a rosy brown hue is all the rage these days. The best part is that this shade is not only flattering but also works well with darker hair tones. This hair colour can be achieved using a mix of brown and red hair shades. The brown-red accents of this hair colour reflect light beautifully.

Ring-light effect

This innovative technique gives a face-framing effect with the help of highlighting two relatively thick front and underneath sections of your hair. This is perfect for making your features pop as well, giving that ring-light effect. What’s great is that this can be tweaked the way you want. You can either opt for a bright blonde shade or something softer and warmer, like caramel or copper hues.

If you are looking for some hair colour inspiration, these trends will surely want you to experiment with your hair. However, consulting an expert hairstylist can do wonders for your hair. Happy hair days!

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