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Is Getting A Balayage Damaging For My Hair?

Balayage is derived from the French word 'balayer,' which means 'sweep' and refers to how the color is applied to the hair, not the color itself. It is a hair coloring technique that creates graduated and natural-looking highlights in the hair, which is quite different from regular highlights.

What Is The Difference Between A Balayage And Highlights In The Hair?

Many people choose the option to go for a balayage in their hair rather than a complete color change or highlights. This is because a balayage begins to form the midshaft of the hair and does not involve touching the hair's scalp or roots.

Whereas in highlights, the hair is saturated with color from the roots to the ends of the hair. Highlights tend to give a more dramatic change to your face, whereas a balayage is an excellent way to begin coloring hair if you have never experimented with hair color before. It gives a softer and more balanced look and isn't always too dramatic a change.

  • Highlights are lighter colored than your natural hair and are painted in thin sections of the hair. Whereas a balayage is done using freehand strokes painted onto the bottom of your hair in slightly thicker sections to give a sun-kissed look.

  • If you are looking to get an intensely lighter blended look in your hair, then highlights are a better option.

  • Since highlights begin at the roots, they need frequent touch-ups as the roots start to grow out.

  • Since a balayage does not touch your roots, they don't need to be maintained as regularly and grow out naturally.

Is Getting A Balayage Less Damaging For Your Hair?

Since a balayage technique does not begin at the roots, it does not touch the roots of your hair or scalp, no harsh chemicals are touching your skin. Therefore making it a less damaging coloring option than others.

Benefits Of Getting A Balayage

Thinking about getting a balayage? Here are some reasons why you should definitely go for it.

It Is Less Damaging For The Hair

As mentioned earlier, since the color is only applied to the hair from the midshaft to the ends, there are no harsh chemicals that touch the roots of the hair or the scalp, therefore it is the safer and healthier alternative if you are looking to color your hair and are worried about the damage.

It Requires Far Less Maintenance, And Upkeep

Since the roots are not involved, they do not need touching up as they grow out. hence, a balayage is an easier hair color treatment to maintain.

It Is Suitable For All Hair Types

Anyone can get a balayage. It is suitable for all types and colors of hair. A good hair colorist will know what colors to use to create depth and dimension in your hair to give a perfect look.

It Looks Beautiful When Styled

Heat styling to create bouncy waves and curls make a balayage look stunning, making you fall absolutely in love with your hair.

It Lasts A Long Time

A balayage lasts long, and you don't need regular salon appointments to refresh your balayage. it will last a good 8-12 weeks, depending on how often you heat style your hair and frequency of hair washing.


A balayage is a great way to begin coloring your hair if you have never done it before, as it is definitely a milder and less damaging option. But post-color care is essential for the hair as any color treatment leaves the hair feeling a bit dry. To maintain your balayage, you should invest in a good shampoo for treated hair and a hair mask for deep conditioning. When considering a balayage, visit a professional hair colorist for the best results.

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