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How Long Does A Perm Last?

A perm is a treatment done on hair that permanently alters the texture of the hair to make it curly, wavy, or straight. This is not a new technique but has been around for years. It is suitable for all hair types; however, depending on certain factors, the degree of the perm varies.

How Long Does A Perm Last?

If you maintain your perm well, then a perm is likely to last about 3-6 months in your hair. But there are some factors that affect how long a perm lasts in your hair.

The Condition Of Your Hair

Dry and damaged hair tends to not hold a perm for a long time whereas healthier and hydrated hair can hold the perm for a longer period of time. Perms tend to last longer in thicker and coarser hair over thin and fine hair.

The Kind Of Perm You Got

A digital or hot perm last longer where as a cold perm is less stable and does not last as long.

The Right Hair Stylist

The perming technique is a big factor in the end result. A good hair stylist will asses the texture of your hair and know how much perming solution to use. an experienced hair stylist will also soften your hair sufficiently to accept the perming solution.

The Rods Used

The shape of rod used for a curling perm matters. A week or two after the perm, the hair will loosen up and go down by one-rod size. So rods should be chosen accordingly.

Frequency Of Swimming

If you are a frequent swimmer, then your perm will not last long. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that can damage hair over time, causing it to dry out and reduce the effects of a perm.

Heat Styling

Heat styling using a curling or flat iron can further damage the hair and reduce the effects of a perm.

How To Make Your Perm Last A Long Time?

Here are some tips to make the perm last a long time:

Avoid Swimming

Swimming pools have chlorine, a strong chemical that can damage hair strands. It is best to avoid swimming immediately after getting a perm or wait as long as possible to extend the life of your perm. A good tip is to oil your hair with coconut oil before putting on a swim cap to protect the hair from chlorine.

Use The Correct Shampoo And Conditioner

Use hydrating shampoos and masks that deeply condition and hydrate the hair. It is better to shampoo less frequently and condition hair more often to keep hair hydrated and prevent them from drying out.

Try Not To Heat Style Your Hair

Heat styling causes damage and dries the hair out more, reducing the perm's longevity.

Use A Perm Suitable Hair Brush

Use a knot-free or wide-toothed comb to detangle wet hair gently and a soft paddle brush for dry hair

Avoid Harsh Chemicals On Your Hair

Avoid coloring your hair and using any other harsh chemicals on your hair to increase the effects of the perm.

Getting Regular Protein Treatments

Hydration is key. Protein treatments help hydrate and nourish the hair, improving its condition and maintaining the perming effects.

Invest In A Heat Protectant

Always use a heat protectant when exposing your hair to the sun or before heat styling. Heat styling and UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the hair, making it dry and brittle.


If you are considering getting a perm, visit a professional hairstylist to achieve the best results. A good hairstylist will use the best technique suited for your hair and will advise you on the best practices to maintain your perm for a long time.

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