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Flattering Haircuts According to Different Face Shapes

Opting for a choppy cut or simply changing your hairstyle isn’t as easy as it seems. The perfect haircut is much more than that. A few chops here and there won’t mean it will look good on you. Before going for a new style, we usually have a celebrity haircut in mind and think that it will look flattering on us as well. However, that’s not the case.

It is important to consider your face shape as every cut acts as a frame around your face, giving it perfect balance. Determining whether your face is oval, round, triangular, or square is the key to a fantastic haircut. Here’s what you need to know about your face shape prior to getting a hair makeover.

Know your face shape

If you want to determine your face shape at home, take a picture of yourself with your hair tied away from your face. Next, observe closely to see which shape is similar to your face. However, it is best to let a hairstylist guide you about your face shape and the haircuts that might suit you. Listed below are some flattering haircuts for your face shape.

For round faces

Edgy pixie cuts and layered hair cuts look great on a round face. The key is to add definition to the hair. If you prefer longer lengths, go for layers, starting around your jawline. Opting for a side fringe would make your face look longer.

For heart-shaped faces

A long side-swept cut is a good option for heart-shaped faces. Prefer short hair? A lob, bob or pixie cut with textured ends and side-parting will look gorgeous.

For rectangle faces

A soft layered haircut is a good option for rectangle faces as it enhances the cheekbones. You can even go for curtain bangs. However, try to stay away from long hairstyles; they can make your face look longer.

For oval faces

Long tresses with minimal layers or a short crop look great on people with oval faces. Also, lobs or blunt bobs with soft layers look pretty chic.

For square faces

Any side-parted haircut will work with a square face. Long, wispy layers can help take the focus away from sharp angles of the face. If you have a square face, you can even consider a short, layered bob with side-swept bangs.

For diamond-shaped faces

A long or medium layered haircut with a deep side parting complements those with diamond-shaped face cuts. Moreover, chin-length bobs also look flattering.

For triangle faces

If you have a triangle face, a haircut with lots of layers that end around the eyes and cheekbones or collarbone is ideal for you. Layers add texture and help soften your features. If you want to go short, a pixie cut will look great.

Now that you have figured out what face shape you have and know which haircut flatters your face, you can go ahead and get the desired look. But make sure to discuss your look with an expert hairstylist first.

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