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Does the Covid-19 vaccine harm your hair dye?

The pandemic has changed our lives completely. Going out of the house without a face covering is still out of the question. Even though the Covid-19 vaccine is here and people are getting vaccinated, many are still working from home, and it will take some time till things get normal.

During the lockdown of major cities across the globe, there was no access to gyms and salons, etc. People seemed to manage their exercise routines at home, but no salons meant no beauty treatments or hair transformations. Many women resorted to covering their greys using box dyes and even gave themselves a haircut at home.

Rescheduling your hair dye appointment

Now that beauty salons are gradually opening; another problem has surfaced. There are rumours that one should wait for at least two weeks to dye their hair after the Covid vaccine. However, there is no solid proof that supports this statement. If you have gotten vaccinated recently, there is no harm in rescheduling your hair colour appointment. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Is the vaccine causing allergic reactions?

Some people who opted to get their hair dye soon after the vaccination suffered allergic reactions. However, it is still unknown whether it’s due to the vaccine or some other reason. It has been made mandatory for beauty salons to do the patch test or allergy test before the colouring treatment.

Moreover, salons that offer dyeing treatments such as lash and brow tinting services have to conduct a patch test on existing as well as new clients prior to the treatment. Many people are confused that the Covid-19 vaccine might harm their hair dye or cause allergic reactions. But nothing has been proved as there is no scientific evidence as yet. In fact, the allergies haven't explicitly been linked to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Box dyes vs. professional hair colours

Expert hairstylists believe that those who opted for box dyes to cover up their greys and roots may be the leading cause of these allergic reactions. The reason behind it may be the higher amounts of ammonia levels found in box dyes as compared to professional hair colour. This makes it all the more critical for salons to conduct allergy tests before using the professional hair dye to ensure the box dye hasn’t triggered a reaction.

The beauty salons have to adhere to strict guidelines that every customer must get an allergy alert test before going for a hair colour session. After the patch test is done, one has to wait for 48 hours before getting their hair dyed.

With no evidence, it seems that there is no truth in waiting for two weeks before your hair dye treatment. However, if you are scared to go to the salon and have any concerns reagarding this issue, the best option is to get in touch with your medical practitioner. You can even consult an expert hairstylist who can guide you. Make sure that the patch or allergy test is conducted before your hair colouring treatment. You don’t want to take any risks.

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