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A popular question that’s often asked by hair product users in Banbury is, “which should I go for between professional salon shampoo and mall shampoo?”. Of course, this isn’t surprising as making the right choice can be what would change your hair experience from bad to excellent. However, how do you answer this question somewhat ‘vital’ question?

Well, we have done the work for you. We took on the task of researching the most important factors which determine how well your shampoo type will turn out to be. This is based on quality, ease of use, and effectiveness, and interestingly, professional salon shampoos beat out their mall components at every given opportunity.

So, next time you find yourself at your local hair salon in Banbury, you are well informed on the best choice of shampoo-type to go with. Here are the reasons why salon hair shampoos are better than mall shampoos.


When considering ingredients in a shampoo product, it is the same as taking a look at the quality of the product. Here, hair salon shampoos have been found to hold the upper hand as they are usually filled with more essential components, which include oil, mineral, and vitamins.

Mall Shampoo, however, is often filled mainly with water, fillers, and sulfates that help preserve them. So, a popular store may offer you a lower price for your shampoo product compared to your local hair salon in Banbury, but one thing you shouldn’t forget is that the salon shampoo probably has more value.

Ease of Use

A big ordeal among shampoo product users in Banbury is finding the most suitable option for their hair. However, this is greatly reduced when you go with salon hair shampoos. How exactly does this happen? Well, unlike mall shampoos where you just pick up on a shelf, salon hair shampoos are usually a work of the local hairdresser. This allows for personal consultation between the shampoo user and maker, thus, solving a lot of problems that would be unavoidable if you simply got the shampoo on a store.

An instance is a user being able to ask her hairdresser in Banbury for the usage advice, suitability, potency, and so on after purchasing the salon hair shampoo. Now, that’s a win-win!


From the points mentioned above, it is somewhat clear on the shampoo type that’s likely to be most effective. However, to further clarify why salon hair shampoos are better, we would expand on their effectiveness.

It is important to note that mall shampoos are generalized products. This means that they are not tailored to a particular hair type or application, thus, dampening their potency on a variety of issues. Salon hair shampoos, on the other hand, are usually made with specific uses, which makes them more potent.

Interestingly, proving this isn’t much of a hassle. Of course, your hairstylist in Banbury would be more devoted to making shampoo varieties that address his customer’s needs best, than a large factory that churns out thousands of shampoo products daily and sends them to malls.

All these noted it’s safe to say that it is apparent why salon hair shampoos are better than mall shampoos. Now, you can get to buying which you think is best for you!

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