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Three Hair Colouring Tricks Your Hairstylists Swear By

In case you didn’t know that as a lady, changing your hair colour is a necessity, now you do! Different hair colours can certainly give you fresh and unique looks. For example, having to go to a hair salon in Banbury every two months or even more frequently would tell on your pockets.

It’s not completely false to say that out of ten women, nine have attempted to DIY hair colouring at home. The result usually would be that they failed or they didn’t get the result their hairdressers would. Hairstylists or hairdressers in places like Banbury don’t come cheap but still, they do a mind-blowing job. Here’re three hair colouring tricks your hairstylists swear by!

The Perfect Hair Colouring Tricks for You

1. Mascara Brush for Tinting

Your hairstylist probably never told you that a perfect way to tint your hair at home is by using a mascara brush. Every lady has a mascara brush or a toothbrush. Most times, hair salons in Banbury have professional comb which they use to give your hair the right amount of tint. Pick the hair dye you want and allow the mascara to do its thing!

2. Parting Your Hair Would Be A Great Idea

After going to hairdressers anywhere in Banbury for hair colouring, your hair came out looking evenly coloured and flawless. You can owe it to the fact that your hairstylist never put the dye on your hair without parting it first. Parting your hair before applying hair dye ensures your hair colouring is done evenly. If it’s your first time or 7th time, always ensure you test a strand of hair first before applying the dye on the different parts of your hair. Section your hair in fours, fives, or as many as possible. We just want you to look perfect!

3. Don’t Forget the Hair Gloss Girls!

Most times, you don’t even take note of the finishing touches your hairstylist adds to your newly coloured hair. Probably because you’re already amazed at how it looks already. Well, it’s all right, you’re covered! To make your hair shine and look like you just came out of a hair salon in Banbury, get yourself a hair gloss. You can get it from most hair salons in Banbury. Using a hair gloss will complete your look and give your hair a professional touch.

An additional tip for you ladies is that, when washing your hair, stay away from ordinary shampoo. Get yourself a shampoo and conditioner specifically for hair colouring.

There’s nothing better than knowing you have the time and products to dye your hair at home and being able to do it like a professional hairdresser. Sticking to these three tricks as well as having the basic tools around you would ensure that your DIY hair colouring would meet high standards. You can now limit your runs to the hair salons in Banbury and save up some cash and time!

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