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The Best Routine to Get That Perfect “Glowy” Skin

Skincare has recently been everywhere, and people are finally starting to realize its importance. While makeup products like highlighters and blushers can give you those flushed rosy cheeks temporarily, a good skincare routine will have your skin glowy and beautiful all the time.

Besides, who even has the time to put on makeup after oversleeping on a Monday again, right?

Healthy skin is a result of proper care, a good diet, and plenty of hydration. We have combined it all to create the ultimate skincare routine meant for all skin types.

Sleep and Eat Well

Before you start investing your money on expensive products, you need to realize that they won’t do much good unless you are also sleeping enough and eating well.

A good night’s rest (of 7-8 hours) can do wonders for your skin and overall health.

On the other hand, you are what you eat rings true for your skin, at least! A good diet full of enriching nutrients and antioxidants is a must for healthy, glowy skin. Green veggies and colourful fruits have anti-aging, healing, and restoring properties, which will help your skin be safe from wrinkles and fine lines.

Incorporate foods like these into your diet today:

· Avocados

· Nuts and berries

· Sunflower seeds

· Fatty fish like mackerel and salmon

· Broccoli, tomato, and bell peppers

Have Proper Day and Night Skincare Routines

Layering products in the right order and picking out the right ingredients for your morning and night routines is essential to healthy skin. Remember, certain chemicals and ingredients don’t pair well together and can do more harm than good. You don’t want those $$$ products to cause acne breakout after all, right?

Daytime Routine

Do this as the first thing after waking up and brushing your teeth.

Step1: Cleanse

Step2: Eye cream

Step3: Tone and put on an essence

Step4: Serum

Step5: Moisturize (can’t emphasize on this enough)

Step6: Spot treatment

Step7: Sunscreen

Night time Routine

A night time routine should be the last thing you do for the day, right before bed, since your skin starts its recovery process then.

Step1: Remove all makeup well (use special makeup remover oils)

Step2: Double cleanser

Step3: Eye cream

Step4: Toner followed by an essence

Step5: Antioxidants serum

Step6: Retinol treatment

Step7: Spot treatment (only if you have active acne)

Step8: Face oils and moisturize

Don’ts of Skincare

1. Touch your face too often or rub vigorously. Instead, invest in a soft applicator or automatic facial cleanser.

2. Use physical, harsh exfoliates.

3. Skip out on sunscreen, even if you’re indoors or the weather is cloudy.

4. Sleep with makeup on.

5. Wash your face with hot water.

6. Mix your retinol treatment with AHA, BHA, or vitamin C.

Final Words

There you have it. The ultimate skincare routine to have fresh skin that glows without makeup. Be sure to do patch-tests on your skin before using a product on your face and skip it out if any allergies, spots, or redness arise.

We recommend consulting a dermatologist before using chemical ingredients and peels on your skin!

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