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The Best Hair Colours for Winter

Getting the perfect dye job can be a little risky to achieve. You never know how it may turn out until the very last minute. With hair colour trends changing according to festivities and seasons, you are always on the lookout for what colour you want for your locks next. Upon establishing that there are specifications to hair colours with respect to seasons, you obviously need to make a switch from your summer hair to much warmer tones of winter hair. The winter colours are more inspired by the reds, violets and chocolates with streaks of blondes to give more depth to the hair.

Let’s see what hair colours rule the hair dye world for the winter winds.

Honey Blonde Hair

The perfect balance of brown and blonde makes this honey shade of hair. A sequence of skin tones come together to form this honey blonde shade that is good to go on all lengths and skin colour too. This shade is one that is sure to make you look winter ready perfectly.

Platinum Blonde

Definitely a “YES” for winter hair is platinum blonde. This colour with its gold and silver midst tones is really classy and unique. While a lot of people don’t want to experiment with such bold colours, it is many of our celebrities’ favourite and is in full swing for the winter season.

Terra Cotta Red

Very much winter oriented are these shade of deep reds, violets and if you feel like it, then hints of blonde to give some extra colouring to your hair. Apart from the basic blondes and browns, this dye job is one safer option to open the doors to exciting colours for your hair in the winter season.

Rose Gold

Right where platinum and pink meet, this winter colour comes into play. Majorly different from our regular pink ombre or hot pink hair, this dye job is a combination of subtle pink tones with blonde. The look is inclined towards the pretty princess hair and is definitely going to make you look like one as well in the winter winds.

Chocolate Ombre

Changing the typical ombre trends of blonde tips is the chocolate ombre. With darker chocolate tones at the roots witch slightly lighter shades forming the ends rather than a complete shift of colour, chocolate ombre is one favourite dye job for winters. The dark chocolate tones totally complement the winter season.

Surfer Streaks

While blonde might be the representation of sunny summer days, there is nothing wrong with adopting the much warmer tones of the shade for winter season. Go darker on the shade towards the roots with strawberry or honey blonde over the remaining length for your perfect winter blonde look.

Natural Black

Black is beautiful and there are no two opinions to that. This much beautiful colour is the perfect to embrace for your winter hair. Black works with all skin colours and is a very safe option to choose when it comes to getting a dye job done.

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