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Taking Care of your Hair after a Swim

Come summer, all you can think of whiling hours on the beach. If it isn’t the beach, then you might be ready to spend the sunny weather by the poolside. Either way, you pack your trusty old flip-flops and pick up generous amounts of sunscreen. Is that all you will need?

You think you are missing something important but nothing comes to mind. Heading down to the local watering hole and enjoying a swim or two might be enough to refresh your memory. Hair! You have forgotten to plan how you will look after those tresses. Imagine forgetting that after a recent visit to your hairdresser too!

If you have forgotten that important detail, then be ready to spend the rest of the season with frizzy disastrous hair. Alternatively, you can use the tips mentioned below. Follow these and your hair will look as if you just stepped out of Total Image Banbury hair salon!

Water Down the Drain

Say, you forgot to make any preps before you went swimming. Put down the shears for now because we have a solution for you. Rinsing with fresh water as soon as you step out of the water will appease the hair gods! This is doubly true for someone who has had their hair dyed. Failing to rinse it means that all the chlorine from the pool will remain on your hair. Imagine the chemical baking all day long in the sun and you will understand why it is imperative that you rinse!

On One Condition

Swimming can rob your hair of extra moisture. That’s why, once you are out of the pool, you need to spend some time restoring the moisture through conditioning. Expert hair stylists recommend that you choose a rich, emollient conditioner for the job. Apply it to your hair after shampooing, so that the conditioner can negate some of the drying effects of the chlorine from the pool.

Getting to the Depth of the Matter

Normal conditioning won’t do you much good, if you plan to swim the whole vacation away. For that, you will need deep-conditioning treatment every week. The conditioning will add extra moisture to your hair that has been stolen by the chlorine.

Further Clarification

Even with all the rinsing and conditioning, you won’t be able to keep the residues of chlorine, sea salt, lake life etc from building up! For that, you will need a weekly clarifying treatment. The simplest and most natural clarification can be done by rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar.

There is always something you can do to correct the damage done to your hair after a swim. However, there is something that you can do to minimize the damage right from the beginning. Before you get into the water, put your hair in a long braid. With these preventive and corrective measures, your hair will be much safer. If you have just spent money on hair colouring, then these tips can also keep your hair from losing its colour much earlier than it should. Take care of your silky tresses with our tips. We hope you won’t let fears about hair care get in the way of enjoying your vacation!

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