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Super Cool Hair Colour Trends for 2018

Are you looking for a change?

Then how about colouring your hair in a different hue?

Sounds cool, no?

Celebrities, fashion models, and daring divas are always inspiring new trends. But with so many hair colour options, it is not easy to keep a track on all the latest hair colour trends.

Therefore, we have made the task easier for you. Here we present to you the top hair colour trends all in one place. You can go through them and easily decide which one you should go for.

1.     Purple

First up we have the pretty purple hair colour. Getting your hair coloured in different hues of purple will be the trendiest option for you. The colour will look ideal on blonde haired women. That is because the different shades of purple like – violet, lilac or heather – gets more visibility on fair hair.

You can also add in a different shade of colour that goes along with purple like, pink. The professional stylists of Total Image Hair Salon can easily help you get this kind of look!

2.     Blonde

Add a shade of blonde if you have dark hair. Trust us, you will look gorgeous, and flaunting it during summer and spring will be so cool!

Try opting for a very light blonde colour. The option is ideal for women who are brunettes or have black hair.

3.     Purple to Blonde

If you are unsure whether to go for purple or blonde then can we say- go for both? Of course, why not?!

This is the colour trend that is perfect if you want a complete transformation. The hair starts off dark then it gradually changes to purple, and then goes into a warm blonde.

It is a very unique hair colour trend, and you should trust no one but the hairdressers at Total Image Hair to help you get you this look.

4.     Hot Chocolate

If light hues are not your thing, then go for darker hues like hot chocolate. A dark rich brown colour on top that subtly changes into a milkier, lighter brown at the bottom will give an insanely flattering effect.

The stunning blend of light brown with chocolate brown is a look that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

5.     Ocean Blue

Blue is the hair colour that never goes out of style. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and try an ocean blue hair colour. This is the shade that is worth the second glance!

These are the super cool hair colours you can ask the us at the Total Image Hair to do it for you.

Go and book an appointment now and get ready to update your look!

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