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Recognizing the Enemy – Things that Stop your Hair from Growing

You go to the best hair dresser in town for hair cutting in the latest style. Yet that isn’t enough because hiding behind your recently shortened locks is a secret.

Your hair is not growing back!

Don’t lose hope yet though. We have some tips for you that can make your hair grow longer than ever! All you have to do is eliminate or cut down the hair enemies that we name here.

Say No to Caffeine

The first thing that any good hair stylists worth their salt will tell you is that caffeine is very bad news for your hair. When you make drinking tea a regular habit, you are actually making your body acidic. Your body will counteract the acidity with different minerals and elements derived from food. However, that means lesser minerals will be used to keep your hair healthy.

If you must have tea or coffee every day, it is a good idea to limit your intake. Moreover, make sure that you do not indulge in a cuppa on an empty stomach.

We also suggest that you substitute tea and coffee with healthier alternatives, such as chicory root, herbal teas made from lemon, chamomile, ginger etc.

No Sweetening the Deal

You will find another enemy hiding under the guise of all things sweet! That’s right, staying away from sugar will help your grow because sugar interferes with the protein absorption. Protein keeps your hair healthy. Additionally, your hair needs vitamin E to grow but sugar can lower the level of that useful vitamin! Reduce your sugar intake, instead of cutting it out of your life completely.

The experts over at Total Image Banbury suggest substituting refined sugar for naturally sweet things, such as fruits or vegetables.

Let It Rain

We have all heard how important it is to keep your hair moisturized after hair colouring. However, what we keep missing is the fact that all hair must be well moisturized, dyed or not! Even so, don’t confuse moisturized hair for oily hair. For instance, if you are using an oil like castor oil to keep your hair moisturized, you are in for a bad surprise. It will work like a sealant and lock the moisture in. Castor oil will thus limit how much moisture can enter the hair!

If you live in an extreme clime and need heavy oils or butters to protect your hair, then there are solutions to counter the sealing effects. Shampooing regularly can open the hair cuticles. Shampoo before you apply these butters, so that your hair is hydrated.

Lastly, keep in mind that healthy hair comes from a nutrient-rich diet. If you want to encourage your hair follicles to grow, then take a multivitamin every day. The nutrients from the pill will reach your hair follicles via the bloodstream. They will encourage new hair growth and even speed things up a bit. Always remember that all of the tips mentioned here will take time to make a difference. Practice them for a month before expecting any results. Consistency is key!

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