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Ombre or Balayage In 2022?

Are you considering getting a color change in your hair? Here are two similar hair coloring techniques that are quite popular today.

What Is A Balayage Technique?

A balayage is a technique that comes from the French word ‘balayer’, which means to sweep. It refers to the sweeping motion with which dye is painted onto the hair to give the effect of a natural sun-kissed look. It is a lighter color than the natural base color of the hair and begins at the mid-shaft of the hair and all the way to the ends. It does not touch the scalp or the roots of the hair; therefore, it is a ‘less damaging’ and more lasting hair color treatment.

Since the roots remain untouched, they do not need touching up; therefore, less upkeep is required in a balayage.

What Is An Ombre?

Ombre is also a French term that means shade or shadow and refers to a dramatic two-toned effect in the hair. The two shades of color used in this are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom, with the top of the hair often being the natural hair color. Some people opt for bolder looks by choosing pinks and purples or blues and greens according to what they like.

Ombre gives a more two-toned look to the hair, and you can appreciate the two shades in the colors, whereas a balayage gives a more stripey appearance as the color is painted onto the strands of the hair and adds more dimension and depth to the hair.

Which Is Trendier In 2022?

Ombre and balayage are not too different from each other, but balayage has become the hair color of yesterday, and the ombre technique in 2022 has made a strong comeback with better blended and subtle looks.

Both techniques are easy to maintain as they do not involve the roots of the hair, so their upkeep and maintenance are fairly easy unless someone chooses a reverse ombre where they want lighter tops and darker bottoms of the hair where the roots of hair then have to be bleached to lighten them.

Both techniques add volume, shine, and dimension to the hair and look great on all hair types. However, a balayage would stand out in naturally wavy hair. It is a good idea to look up a few photos of both types of hair coloring techniques before visiting the hair colorist. A professional hair colorist should be able to guide you more on both types of hair coloring techniques and what to expect out of them if you are experimenting with them for the first time

The Final Word

Depending on your own preference, the length and texture of your hair you can discuss with your hair colorist when you are considering changing your hair color. It helps to look at a few reference pictures and then to discuss with a professional hair colorist what they recommend for you.

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