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How winter can affect your Hair

Women standing in snow with hat on.

Hair loss and breakages occur not only during summer but also in winter, winter is a time when moist is sucked out from the body. it is certain that one's hair starts breaking and probably starts having discolourations. Due to the coolness of the weather, staying indoors becomes apparent though that can have an adverse effect on all hair kinds.

European hair comes in various finishes and varieties and there are certain safety treatments that can be applied to keep healthy hair during this season, thus if you have had prior experience with winter hair damages, here are 5 hair treatments for every hair composition.

Moisturize less often

If you witness occasional itching and parched scalp, then try avoiding moisturizing your hair a lot. Yes, because this can cause your hair to freeze and break when it's occasionally damp especially when you go out without covering it. To combat this itching and dryness, hairstylist Banbury advises against excess use of moisturizers. Therefore, let your hair condition not be too moisturized or too dry.

Always cover your hair

Due to the harshness of the weather, hairdressers Banbury advises frequent covering of the hair, especially when going out. Hair coverage should not only be done at night. Wear a headdress that has satin lining because cotton or wool would not be suitable for the weather.

Lots of oil application

Hairdressers Banbury uses extra oil to keep the scalp glossy. It's better than leaving the hair damp or wet. Of course, during the winter, the hair becomes delicate thus causing it to be prone to certain hair damages. The most effective hair oil for this period is coconut oil. It contains a good amount of vitamin E that is really good for the hair. Hair salon Banbury applies a great deal of vitamin E when visited.

Avoid heat

Using blow dryers, hair straighteners, etc during the winter season is highly prohibited, in fact, this is the best time to take a break off any heat styling methods. It makes the hair dormant hence causing it to break. Hair salon Banbury has special ways of treating the hair during the winter season. From the use of pins, buns, knotting/braiding, etc. These are none-heat styles for the season!

Using harsh products

Hair products that are alcohol-based are not advisable to be used during this season. Normally, the hair will lose natural components during the winter. Therefore, don't use any natural products that will make your hair dehydrated instead swap with natural products like shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil that Hair salon Banbury will use to make your hair look glossy and healthy.

Having stated all this, know what is appropriate for your hair every time or season to keep it looking luscious and healthy.

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