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How to Wash Human Hair Extensions

Like most good things in life, care must be given to your human hair extensions so that they don’t get horribly tangled, especially when they cost a pretty penny. A lot of people wear their human hair extensions at a hair salon, but wouldn’t know what to do with it when it’s removed. Imagine having something very expensive and lovely but it’s unusable, quite painful I tell you. Which is why it’s advisable that you take your hair extensions to a reputable hair salon at Banbury for washing and treatment.

A very important way to care for your extensions is in how you wash them. Washing your hair extensions gives them a long-lasting life as well as sheen. A dull drab hair extension is the nightmare of many hair extension owners, unfortunately lack of proper care has made those extensions lose their very life.

So here are some simple tips to follow on how you can wash your human hair extensions.

  • Get a basin of lukewarm water or fill up your sink with lukewarm water, apply some amount of moisturizing sulphate-free shampoo into the water and lather.

  • Grab your hair extensions and comb through to rid them of tangles before submerging them in the lathered water. When combing the hair, carefully and steadily detangle from the tips then work your way up to roots of the hair until they are completely detangled.

  • Dip the extension into the lathered water and leave it to soak for 10-15 mins. Ensure the top of the hair, where the extension is sewed in, as well as the clips are kept dry. Run your fingers through the strands of the hair to get rid of the dirts.

  • Then carefully but thoroughly rinse the extension under a running faucet. Use cold water this time, as cold water helps retain moisture in the hair. Wring our excess water and spread them out to dry on a clean towel.

  • Apply moisturizing conditioner onto the hair when it’s a little bit dry, just damp, then comb through the extension carefully. Do not comb your hair extensions while it is very wet, it’s an easy way to cause terrible tangles. After applying the conditioner all over the hair, leave it to dry for an hour. Then rinse out the conditioner. You can apply a live-in conditioner and allow to the hair and allow it to dry naturally overnight. After which you can comb through them again to straighten them.

The ideal period of time to wash your hair extensions is at least once every six weeks, you may have to wash them more often than that if you wear them frequently. However, visiting a reputable hair salon in Banbury could save you all these stress. They would not only wash the extensions, but would treat and style them however you want.

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