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How to Pick the Right Haircut for Your Face

Face shape plays an important role in the kind of haircut you should get. Based on this factor, some hairstyles might be out of the question for you while others might be the just the right choice. A haircut that complements your face shape will completely transform your look, which is why it is necessary to pick one on this basis.

If you want to pick the right haircut for your face, take a look at the following different recommendations that we have for you:

Round Face Shapes

Layers work best with round face shapes as they tend to draw the attention away from the roundness. Since round faces usually have softer features, shorter layers in the front that graduate to longer ones in the back are the best ones to get. If you don’t want layers, an angular lob is another great suggestion for you. The angled cut helps to give definition to your face whereas one length hair tends to exaggerate the roundness of your face. Famous examples of round faces include: Kirsten Dunst and Kate Winslet.

Oval Face Shapes

Any hairstyle looks good with oval face shapes and you can wear any length with ease. Bangs are also a great way to bring more balance to your features. Layers and waves can be also be used to draw more emphasis to your sharp features and to soften the length of your chin. Avoid hairstyles that add volume to the top of your head as those tend to make your face shape appear lop-sided. Famous examples of oval face shapes include: Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Heart Shaped Faces

With more width at the top of your face, you can easily sport longer lengths and layers and waves bring more emphasis to your jaw line. Short hairstyles aren’t always agreeable as they tend to draw more attention upwards to the width of your face. Blunt bangs are the best with a heart shaped face as they cut the width and center the eye more on your features instead. Famous examples of heart shaped faces include: Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston.

Square Shaped Faces

Having sharper, angular features can be softened with the right hairstyle as well. For square face shapes, go for cuts that are softer, have a sweeping appearance and tend to have round edges. Avoid blunt cuts, angular lobs or bobs with a sharp edge as they will exaggerate the jaw line and make you look boxy. Famous examples of square shape faces include: Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore.

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