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How to Look Fabulous in a Messy Hair Look

Looking your best doesn’t always have to mean looking neat and polished. Sometimes, especially these days, the opposite is what works best to gain the status of “the best look”.

That’s why the messy hair style is becoming more famous nowadays. It conveys the idea that you can look chic with minimal effort too, which people are vouching for these days.

Styling your hair in a messy look can be the hippest way to go. Learn a few tips on how it can be done perfectly.

1.     Don’t Forget to Use the Right Products

For a perfect messy hair that stays for a long time, it is important to use the right hair products.

It’s crucial to start first by priming your hair. A good quality primer helps to hydrate your hair. Plus, it ensures the effectiveness and lasting power of other products that will be used for styling a messy look.

Next comes, the use of blow-dry. The best thing about the messy look is that it is imperfect, so you don’t need amazing blowout skills. A simple blow-dry will only help in making your hair lookmore voluminous and more natural.

Professional hairstylist always know which hair primer and what type of blow-dry will suit you. So, a visit to Banbury Hair Salon for getting a messy hair look will be a better option for you; rather than taking matters into your own hands and ruining the style in the process.

2.     Keep it Loose

The key to achieve a perfect messy hairstyle is to keep your hair as loose as possible. Just remember – the looser the better. You can either keep your hair open. This way your messy hairstyle will be more visible, and easier for you to flaunt it.

If you are planning to tie up your hair then a loose bun or a loose ponytail is what you should go for. Just make sure that the bun or the ponytail is not too tight.

Loosely tie the bun or the ponytail. Don’t worry about strands being perfectly slicked. In fact, pull some strands of hair in front of your ear for a more natural look.

3.     Get a Dishevel Texture

The hairstylist of Banbury Hair Salon will help you get a dishevelled look which is the key for messy hair look.

There are many hair sprays that are used to get perfect messy waves which the professionals surely know better.

Striking a balance between not to look like a complete zombie and not to look like you have put in too much effort is a little tricky when it comes to styling hair in a messy look.

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