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Haircuts That Will Trend In 2018

New Year, new hair is what we all are chanting while 2018 is just around the corner. It’s never too early to prepare yourself for entering into the New Year for which you must know the haircuts that are sure to trend in the year 2018 so that you step in it looking lit. Not saying farewells to the trending cuts of 2017 completely, the upcoming year is to continue holding much of the XL bobs and short hair craze as well. Despite all the short hair kinkiness, classic long hair is going to maintain their respected status as always.

For a much deeper insight on what is going to be “fashion forward” in the haircut world for 2018 let’s take a look.

Pixie Haircuts

Cropped too short or a little longer than ear length, pixie cuts are one sure trend that will be greeted warmly after 2018 begins. This perky style with much exaggerated bangs is in for all seasons and face cuts and is sure to be one trending thing in 2018.

Bob with Bangs

Long or short, bob with bangs is one thing that’s banging in the next year. Chin length bob or Daisy Ridley style with bangs with its chic retro look is a sure trend for 2018.


This French originated haircut brings with the charm of France that has ruled over the fashion world for decades now. Short length hair parting over the temples highlighting the face and neckline is the signature way of wearing this haircut that is to be one hot trend in 2018.

Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair is forever lit; there is no denying to that. For the upcoming year, long hair with bangs and side part is going to be very much in the hot and trending section. Go for shoulder length or even longer down to the back with side part and bangs for your new year’s new look.

One Sided Haircuts

Having a larger part on one side in a side part, this haircut is sure to be the trend in 2018. Short hair is mostly what we are looking forward to see in the next year so this is one sexy style you can pick up to be in line with the hot trend.

Graduated Carre Cut

This style of haircut is not much different than our regular straight Carre but for the next year a hint of wavy layers has made an appearance for the chic Carre cut with a thinning affect in the lengths. 2018 has this hairstyle in bag for you so better not miss it.

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