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A Shortcut to Taking Care of Long Hair

If you have a head of beautiful long hair, then think twice before getting a haircut! It might have been difficult for you to manage it before now. But back then, you didn’t have these tips, did you?

With our help, you will be able to look after those lusciously long locks of yours with the least bit of effort. Whether there is a beauty salon nearby or not, follow the advice to give your hair the TLC that it needs,

Don’t Just Brush It Off!

This is important: the kind of hair brush that you use matters! This is doubly true for you because you have long hair to take care of. If you are confused about the type of brush that you should use, then pick one that has boar bristles. If that isn’t available, then a wet brush should do!

The reason for choosing a brush that is made with natural fibres is that it will produce minimal friction when you brush your hair with it. Long hair can break easily when you use a brush that doesn’t smooth the hair shaft. With the right brush, your hair will remain silky and smooth.

Don’t Just Let it Go Down the Drain!

Another thing that is crucial in hair care is the type of shampoo you are using! The frequency of hair washing is as important. Most shampoos are basic when it comes to pH. That means the pH is high. To complicate things, your hair is acidic in nature. That means they don’t like it when they are exposed to all that basic pH shampoo.

When you wash your hair with shampoos, you are actually stripping it of its natural protection i.e. oil. Moreover, too much use of shampoo can also compromise the hair shaft’s structure. The stronger a base you use to wash your hair, the more damage it can cause. That is why, you should never wash your hair with baking soda, which is a common enough hair “tip” on the internet!

What baking soda, which is also basic in nature does is react with the acids in the hair. Instead, if you want to use something natural to wash your hair, go with apple cider vinegar. Again, do not apply it to hair without diluting it, so it becomes mildly acidic.

Even so, it is a good idea to wash hair less often.

Don’t Shy Away from Making Waves!

If you want to know one secret to healthy hair, it would be to keep it hydrated. Drink lots of water because that will remove the toxins from your body and help your hair grow faster. Dehydrated hair is less likely to do anything but just look dull and listless. So stay hydrated and your hair will stay healthy!

If you live in a place where you can’t get salon services as frequently as you would like to, then the tips mentioned above can come in handy! Try them out and let us know if they worked for you or not.

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