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4 Natural Oils to Make Your Hair Grow and Shine

Most of us dream of having long, luscious hair that gleams under the sunlight and always looks sleek. From at-home deep conditioning to protein treatments, relaxing, and everything in between – we have tried it all. But waiting for our hair to grow continues to be more excruciating than watching paint dry!

Not to worry, we have found the perfect solution to get your dream hair in no time; through natural oils!

These oils have been used in the Indian subcontinent for years, with mothers and grandmothers giving young girls an oily head massage every weekend. No wonder their hair is so thick and gorgeous all the time.

Let's get right into it! Here are the four natural oils your hair care routine has been missing.

1. Olive Oil

It's time to take that olive oil bottle from your kitchen and make it a part of your hair care necessities. This versatile king of oils has excellent moisturizing as well as shielding properties. It protects the natural keratin protein in your hair and acts as an excellent deep conditioner. It's enriched with vitamin E, oleic acid, and tons of antioxidants, which are super good for your scalp. Its anti-inflammatory magic helps revive years of heat damage and dandruff while also softening your hair strands.

Be sure to use the organic, extra virgin kind for great results from the very first use.

2. Argan Oil

One of the absolute best natural oils for hair, Argan is an exotic oil from Morocco. It is specially extracted from the nuts of the rustic Argan tree and has recently taken the beauty world by storm. Often called 'liquid gold,' argan oil is full of fatty acids and antioxidants that help keep the texture of your hair smooth and soft while promoting fast growth.

The immense hydrating properties of Argan can repair damaged hair and protects it from the follicles itself. It can help reverse damage caused by UV heat and even treat split ends.

The best part about using this oil is that it won't leave your hair feeling greasy. You can easily apply it as an after-shower treatment or even use it for styling your hair.

3. Ylang-Ylang

Best for preventing hair breakage, the Ylang-Ylang oil comes from the Cananga tree found in tropical regions. It promotes the production of sebum within your scalp and has a wonderfully soothing effect. This oil will also help detangle your hair and stop the formation of split ends. A gift from nature that truly keeps giving!

People with a dry scalp should use Ylang-Ylang. Just make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) for the best results.

4.Castor Oil

Don't let the thick, greasy nature of this oil drive you away. Castor oil has enriching nutrients galore. Full of proteins, vitamin E, and healthy minerals, it will help make your hair free of dandruff and glisten like never before.

The ricinoleic acid found in castor oil helps relieve your scalp of any inflammation caused by heat-styling tools while promoting hair length.

You can also use it to get fuller eyelashes and brows!

We’re Hair for You

Including these oils in your hair care routine is sure to get you thick and frizz-free locks! Pair them with a regular trim every two months (we offer £10 off on your first visit!) to achieve healthy locks!

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