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4 Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style

Most of us think ourselves fortunate if we have the right salon near us that provides us with all the salon services that we could conceivably need.

Close proximity to a salon also means that it will be easier for you to keep up with the hair trends. After all, all it takes is for a celeb to change their hair and suddenly, how you wear your hair isn’t au courant anymore!

We sat down our expert hairdressers and thought about this. While it is always lovely when our customers pay us a visit, we wanted to do something nice for them too. That is why, we came up with the following 4 hair cuts for you.

The best part about these haircuts: they NEVER go out of style!

Caught your interest, did we? Let’s bring out the big guns…

Keeping it Short

One of the timeless haircuts is perfect for ladies who like keeping their hair short. You must have seen different celebs wearing a pixie that is composed of textured hair and a side parting. Sound familiar? Well, now you can copy it too! Spritz your pixie cut with a texturizing spray generously. Then, air dry your hair. If the occasion is a formal one, then you can gently blow-dry it.

Going Soft on You

The next time I go to a beauty salon near me, I am going to give this hair cut a try! Soft layers look beautiful when given a slight curl at the ends. All you have to do is blow dry and style your hair once. Then, you can go on looking fab without worrying about it.

Bedraggled & Beautiful

Okay, so you have a layered pixie cut but have been thinking of experimenting with it. You think there can’t be too many things that you can do with hair that short. Wrong! Start by spritzing it with some hairspray on each layer. This will make your hair look fuller while forgoing the heavy hairsprayed look. Moreover, you can go much longer between haircuts with the longer layers being on the top. They will grow out beautifully without messing up your do!

Ride those Waves

Lastly, this hair cut is perfect for medium and longer hair. Beachy waves never go out of style as you may already have noticed. Every season, one or the other celebrity is rocking it on TV. The good thing about this hairstyle besides the fact that it is timeless is that it needs minimal upkeep. You won’t even have to wash it too often because it looks better that way. Skip the shampoo for longer with this hairstyle. Just bunch up when wet and loosely tie up your hair with a band until it dries. Then, let loose, and ride those waves!

With these haircuts in your mind, you will never be caught looking less than glamorous and current. You won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on newer cuts that often either. Do come and see us anyway.

We will miss you!

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