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4 Haircuts that Make You Look Younger

Haircuts are amazing at renewing your look and many can make you look younger! With the right one, you don’t just shed dead ends and fried hair; you can actually end up shaving a couple of years off of too.

Picking the right cut plays a major role here. Luckily, the following are a few haircuts that will make you look younger and stylish as well.

1.     The Lob

Also known as long bobs, getting a lob is perfect to frame your face and make you look younger. The best part about this hair cut is that it falls between your shoulder and your chin. This length is not only flattering for all face shapes but also makes you look years younger with ease. For a more emphasized look, you can also opt for an angular lob which is shorter in the back and has a more exaggerated slope in the front which draws more attention to your face.

2.     Soft Bangs

Bangs are usually avoided but with the right ones, you can look pretty young. Blunt bangs should be avoided as they can usually be very sharp and unflattering to the face. Instead, opt for wispy, soft and sideways swept bangs which can make your face look softer and more youthful as well. Avoid getting bangs if you have curly hair though as you will have to constantly keep straightening them.

3.     Mussed Up Pixie Cut

Mussed up hair can make you not only look younger but also more playful and edgy. Paired with a pixie cut, you can easily look that much more youthful. To get the most out of this look, opt for a layered pixie cut which gives you more hair to play with and also adds more volume. However, pay attention to your face shape here as pixie cuts are not always flattering on round and square faces.

4.     Add Some Layers

Layered hair can also make you look younger but care has to be taken to ensure you get it just right. Too many layers will end up making the hair cut look outdated. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough layers, you will not add noticeable volume and texture to your hair. It is also a good idea to have layers that do not fall above your chin. Keep the layers at the same length as the lob and you can a younger look with their help.

So which of these 4 hair cuts are you going to be trying?

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