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4 Game-Changing Ways to Use Your Curling Iron

If you're anything like us, you probably enjoy switching up your hair looks by adding some curls and waves on occasion. Different hairstyles have this fantastic ability to completely change your entire look and make you go from casual, everyday plain Jane to high-glam.

A must-have for every hairstyling enthusiast is a good curling iron. This one tool can help you achieve so many different styles and looks – it's truly amazing!

To help you become a curling want wizard, we have brought together some game-changing ways you can use it. Here are some of our tried and tested, best curling iron hacks for your hair.

1. Picking Out the Right Barrel Size

When your curling iron's barrel is involved, the size does matter!

Based on the kind of curls you want, you will need to pick out different barrels. For light and loose curls, go for a bigger barrel, but a smaller barrel will do a better job if you wish for those tight coils.

Here is a general size guide for you to refer back to.

· 1.25-inch barrel – medium to loose curls

· 1-inch barrel – full curls

· ¾ inch barrel – tighter, vintage curls

· 5/8 inch barrel - super tight coils

P.S. another little tip – for skinny curls, twist your hair well before wrapping it around the want.

2. Hairspray Is Your Best Friend

Use hairspray before and after curling with the wand for the best results. Pre-spraying helps make your hair a little stiffer and thus more willing to acquire the curly shape. On the other hand, spraying afterward helps your hair maintain the curls for longer.

If you have silky hair, you might even want to consider spraying the wand directly before you start curling.

3. Get Those No-effort Waves

Contrary to the name, these waves are quite tricky to accomplish.

To get those gorgeous, beachy waves, you need to put your hair up in a high ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into 4-5 strands and curl each individually. Once the curls have cooled, let down your hair and shake them out.

Your no-effort waves are ready in less than 15 minutes!

4. Long-lasting Locks

Does your hair refuse to hold curls for more than half an hour? It can be so frustrating when you spend hours curling your hair only for it to fall back flat as soon as you reach the event.

To get curls that last longer, place your wand closer to the roots of your hair and start styling from there. Doing this helps lock in the heat on your hair and will ensure they last all night long.

Also, try to opt for a lower heat option and curl for longer instead of faster. It is sure to help your hair retain the curled shape better.

All Curled Up

Now that you've achieved those perfect curls, you're ready to pull off any look. Just be sure to use heat-protective products before styling to reduce damage to your hair.

If you use heating tools regularly, you might need a keratin treatment to maintain your hair's shine and health.

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