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3 Trendy Hair Dos to Try Out this Fall

Itching to get your hair cut or styled in a new way this fall? With our tips, you will be able to do both. Whether it is a new do you want or a haircut for women that you want to sport, we have it all…

If you have been sticking to long hair for some time now, then freshen things up by getting bangs. The more eye-grazing and wispy they are, the more retro ’70ish your hair will look.

Faux Hawk Updo

Start by taking small sections of hair from each side and making small ponytails with each. What you have to keep in mind though is that half of the hair will be pulled through when you make the ponytail. Secure each loop cum ponytail with the help of pins and move on to the next one.

With a bob that comes down to your collarbone, you will still have enough length to experiment!

Half-Up Braided Crown

A beauty salon isn’t necessary for this one. What you need is to start with a middle parting of your hair with more hair on one side. Next, you begin making a loose and slanting braid from the top backwards. Tie it off with the help of a hair band. Do the same with the other section of the hair. Now, cross one braid in a way that it comes down to the nape. Pin it and tuck the tail of the braid to hide it. Do it with the other braid.

If you think you’d look good in a short hair cut, then start by getting your hair cut to an in-between length first. Keep the ends blunt and forego the layers for a retro look!

Boxer Braids

For boxer braids, you will need to oil your hair and rake it through, so the oil spreads everywhere. Next, make a central parting to end up with two halves. Pin away one side while starting the braid with the other one. Cross the two strands of the three under the middle one rather than above it. You might be familiar with this one because it is known as the Dutch Braid Insert Previous Blog Post Url Here. Keep adding hair to the strands outside as you braid. Tie the braid off with a hair band once you have reached the nape of the neck. Hide the band with the help of a strand of your hair. Let the remaining hair be. Then braid the other side by taking the clip off.

Scarface hair can look good on you, if you pair it with blunt or faux bangs. Just remember to keep it sleek, shiny, and the ends curled.

What do you think of these hairstyles and hair dos? Will you be brave enough to get a new hair cut? Or, will you be keeping things fresh by trying out one of these new hairstyles? Let us know what you decide in the comments below. Either way…

Keep making those waves!

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