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3 Hairstyles you could wear to the Rheingens Sisters & Other Music Festivals

Music festivals like the Coachella and the Rheingens Sisters are such fun ocassions. They will be taking place throughout the summer and can help your keep your mind off the heat. However, what good are they, if you spend the festival season with less than fabulous hair!

Festival hair is usually not practical to be worn outside. Even so, why not have some fun with it while in attendance! With our help, you will be able to let your hair down and experiment with all kinds of festive hairstyles. Whether it is hair extensions or a funky hair colour, keep in mind that on such occasions, you will want hair that helps you stand out in a crowd!

Hair Style # 1: The New Fishtail Braid

You won’t need the services of a hairdresser or a salon for this hairstyle:

Begin by curling your hair into soft waves.Next, make three braids with your hair with one in the centre.Now secure the braids but leave half of your hair loose.Shift the top braid by flipping it over and criss-cross the braids under it.Pin the two side braids and bring the top braid back down.

Hair Style # 2: Glittery Roots

Instead of visiting a beauty salon, try this totally trendy festival hairstyle:

Grab a jar of your favorite hair gel and mix in glitter.Using a brush, apply the mixture to your roots.Accentuate the do by adding a zig zag parting to your hair and then glamming it up!The hair-do serves a dual purpose of making you look fab and hiding any roots that might need dyeing.

Hair Style #3: Middle Part Braid

While it is always a good idea to get a fresh haircut from a beauty salon nearby before the festivals begin, you can also try this unexpected braid to achieve the same effect! If glitter isn’t how you roll and you are short on time, then this middle part braid will save the day.

Use a rat tail comb to section off two inches of hair down the middle.Apply hair gel to make your hair behave.Then make a French/Dutch braid, using the hair left at the back.

And you’re done!

Bonus Tip: Accessorize as much as you can!

Music festivals are perfect for wearing your hair outrageously. Unlike formal occasions where you are dependent on the tender mercies of salon services and hair salons near you, you can go nuts! Do away with the tame hair straightening and hair cutting. Instead, accessorize your beautiful tresses with flower crowns. There are so many other things to try, such as hair charms leather pieces, coloured yarn, head scarves, and even fresh flowers woven in your hair. As long as you get to express your creativity, it is completely to go nuts!

Which ones out of the three hair dos is your favourite? Do you have any hairstyles that you usually make while attending festivals such as the Rheingens Sisters Music Festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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