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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Amidst the things that have DIY videos on the internet, dyeing your hair is one of them. Granted that there has been quite a number of successes in the field, however, no one really mentions the failed cases and how they had to go out with a scarf for months until their hair got back to the original colour or that their hair fell off due to wrong application or method. While it is something people try out for a number of reasons whether to maximize cost or just to get the credit, some things are better left for the professionals and those who have obviously spent a ton of time learning and perfecting the art. Here are some reasons why hair colouring and dyeing should be left to the hair dressers and hair salons.

What you see isn’t what you get

Have you ever noticed that with box colours, you end up with a different colour from what is on the box? A lot of times you fail to put into consideration that the model on the box had her hair coloured by a professional and also her hair might be very different from yours. When you enlist a professional to colour your hair, they go through the process of getting your hair which may be in a bad state to a point where the colour sits in perfectly and produces the desired results. Something else most people fail to consider is that your hair from the roots to the ends are very different textures and this affects hair colour. When you apply a colour from the roots to the ends, both will turn out different and it’s not a function of the dye but of your hair. The hair dressers know this and take it into consideration when colouring hair. This is what they are trained to do so when you decide to do it yourself, you risk getting a different result and damaging your hair in the process.

Self help could be disastrous

When you decide to colour your hair yourself, you risk causing damage to your hair that could result in cutting it off. There are different methods or steps in hair colouring. It could be that you did not prep your hair right or the mixture was off or maybe you took too long to wash it off or you rinsed it off too soon. There are a lot that could go wrong. You could end up making your hair strands brittle and too light so much that you’d have to cut it short to start over. The dye may not cause this but if perhaps you do not like the turn out of the colour on your hair, getting an abrasive hair treatment to correct it will definitely damage the hair.

The damages and heart breaks you could cause yourself are enormous when it comes to hair colouring. People have levels of expertise in different fields so leave it to the pros to handle your hair colourings and save yourself from running to them after a disaster.

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