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Hair colouring is the current awakening that has invaded the hair salons in Banbury. A carefully picked hair colour enhances the wearer’s appearance while allowing the Banbury hairdressers to experiment with the chosen colours on the hair. These colours and tones below are good for use in their own way. Asides full colouring of hair, certain colours can be used as highlights as a unique way of styling hair. The hairdressers in Banbury are advised to use shades of preferred colours that are a little bit lighter and darker than the natural hair colour. Presently there are various options for hair colouring starting from the plain to bright colours and highlights.

2020 is the year for creative and standard colours such as ashen, red-gold, copper, burgundy, and emerald. It is up to the wearer and the hairstylist to choose the colours to use on the hair. The trending hair colours in 2020 include:

Bright Red

A few individuals are natural redheads which is why hairstylists in Banbury opines that this should be amended. In 2020, the bright red colour will be given much attention. Red gives the wearer liveliness and vibrancy. People whose natural hair colour is darker are not advised by the hairstylists to dye their hair red. This shade is more ideal for people with dark skin, brown or green eyes. Such bright colours are always in style.


Ash (pale ashen or dark gray) is a colour that is rarely used on hair by people. This explains the uniqueness. The colour stands out because it is a camouflage for actual gray hairs. Ashy hair colouring coupled with darkening of the roots is trendy in 2020. This hair colouring can only be applied by an experienced Banbury hairstylist. The hairstylist can also apply a pink toner to achieve a gentle and cool hairstyle.


Blondes do not always want to change their hair colour because being natural is relevance in styles and trends. Warm light colours especially blond is one of the trends to look out for in 2020. Hairdressers and stylists in Banbury will recommend to women who want to look natural and trendy with their hair colours. This is because natural colours always top the trends.

Brown Colour

Brown hair colouring adds elegance to the wearer and points out the status. Dark-haired women are perceived to be smart and more serious. The different shades of brown are black-brown, bronze brown, dark cinnamon, and golden chestnut. People often prefer any of the shades to have a calmer and tone suiting look. Highlights in red or caramel can also be added tone achieve a beautiful mixed hair colour.

Also, platinum is one of the best cold shades of colours to be used in 2020. It is bright and very attractive colour which is suitable for both short and long hair. Platinum is the trendy hair colour to always opt for because it gives women an elegant and feminine look.

If you are trying to change your look this year, these colours will definitely keep you ahead of the trend.

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