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Top 5 Summer Hair Styles for Banbury

Sometimes when you walk into one of the many Banbury salons, you may not get the best advice on the type of hairstyle you should wear for different climates. Total Image stands out from the rest as the hair salon in Banbury that gives you advice on what you should do with your hair and the best hairstyle for the season. Our expert hairdressers have come up with a list of the top 5 hairstyles you should try out in summer.

Smooth low Ponytail

Although a low ponytail is a staple hairstyle that looks good in any season, a professional stylist will advise you to have it during summer. It will look easy but polished even on the most humid days. To fight frizz start in the shower were we advise you to wash it with a shampoo and conditioner duo.

Chunk Top Knot

This hairstyle has a slightly messy texture which makes it more current. In fact, the imperfections is what softens the overall look. So for a similar look, a hairdresser will use larger pins since the smaller ones tend to shift around too much.

Shiny Waves

You should not sacrifice shine by weighing your curls down with products just to keep them in place. Only a good hairdresser in Banbury will advise you to instead use a multitasking serum after bow-drying and styling your strands with a curling iron.

Fashion Ponytail

Two things are always followed by a stylist when creating this ponytail; following the natural line of the cheekbone when pulling the hair back and tilting your head back as he/she gathers.

Exposed bobby Pins

This works best if the hair cutting has been done correctly. Hairdressers in Banbury know how make the hairpin the focal point of a style. Make the exposed bobby pins, one pin is used to pin back one side of the hair at the temple and a few extras are stack below it. This is a light hairstyle that works best during the summer.

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