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Thinking of a Keratin Treatment?

If you have ever experienced even a small bit of frizz, you have most likely been told by your stylist to try a keratin treatment or even a Brazilian blow-out, or smoothing treatment. These are the best ways to get smoother and shinier hair in just one simple appointment. Lets take a look at these treatments.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a chemical process that smoothes as well as shines frizzy hair. Its results could last up to 4 months. There’re a lot of different versions of the treatment, and your hairstylist could customize a mix together of the formula to meet your needs. Keratin treatments are formaldehyde free. Regardless of the formaldehyde content, on a basic level, keratin treatments jump into the hair follicle as well as inject absorbent areas with keratin, an important hair protein. Your hair will look healthier, because it really is.

How it works

The amount of time it takes to do a keratin treatment based on the formula the stylist is using, and your hair texture, as well as how much hair you have,

When you visit your hairstylist, the hairstylist will wash your hair first. Then, the hairstylist will apply the keratin treatment to your wet hair and also let the formula soak each strand for about 30 mines or your hairstylist will blow dry the hair first and then apply the treatment again; it all depends on your hairstylist and your hair requirements. And finally the hairstylist goes over any coarse strands with a flat iron on low to medium heat base on where the treatment needs to be sealed in,

Is keratin treatment different from a chemical relaxer?

Completely different while keratin treatments are temporary as well as wash out after a few months while straightening chemical relaxers are permanent. The 2 treatments also use different ingredients that give different results.

Keratin treatments really inject the porous parts of the hair with protein, so it makes it feels smoother. After some months, this washes out. A few treatments can contain a solution that releases formaldehyde when exposed to heat,

Can I make use of Keratin treatments at home by myself?

Yes, however don’t expect salon results. You will first need to get the right products. a lot of treatments contain the word keratin, although that doesn’t right way make them keratin treatments.

Every hair is made up of keratin proteins, so keratin named products aren’t rare.

For you to get the best experience at home, look at the products’ ingredient list and information, details and also ask your hairstylist to know more. Many smoothing treatments are really intense silicone and also conditioning treatments. After that, check the instructions.

Conclusion and the final result 

It all base on how strong the treatment is and how it was applied, what the temperature of the flat iron was and also how porous your hair is, and other factors that you actually can’t control. But don’t let that put you off. Just ask questions and do your research, talk with your hairstylist about what you do and also what you don’t want, and finally, try not to stress too much, After all it will wash out in just a few months.

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