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Short hair, don’t fear – the perfect hairstyles for you

If you have long hair and are all excited to chop off those long locks of yours, don’t be scared and just get down to it. Nothing beats a fresh cut, and with short haircuts like shags, bobs, and lobs trending these days, you won’t regret your decision. Short hair is not only easy to maintain, but there are endless ways you can style them. Need some short hairstyle inspo? Listed below are 5 eye-catching looks that you can try.

Add some waves

Whether it is beach waves or S-bend waves, try adding some volume and texture to your short hair. All you have to do is detangle your hair and apply a heat-protecting spray. Part your hair and start curling with a curling wand from the bottom, going up towards the crown. If you want loose waves, take thicker sections of your hair to get the desired look.

Half-up top knot

Top knots have been ruling the fashion scene for quite some time. This style looks great and adds oomph to your overall look. Start by your brushing hair and taking a section of hair from the front. Let the rest of your hair loose. Twist the hair while holding up the front hair section. Then wrap the twist to make it into a bun. Don’t forget to secure it with hairpins or an elastic band. You can curl the remaining hair or straighten them; both look equally cool.

Style with some hair clips

When it comes to hairstyles, one of the easiest ways to switch things up is to add some hair accessories. Barrettes have made a comeback, and there are various ways you can wear them. They sure add some style to your hair. You can simply style your hair in a deep side parting and add some pearl barrettes on the side of your head. You can also wear your hair down and clip a few sections of your hair with the help of Barrettes available in different styles.

Do the twist

This is a simple hairstyle that looks great with all kinds of hair. Adding some twists is a fun way to style your short hair. Here’s what you need to do: Apply some texturizing spray on your hair once you have detangled your hair. The next step is to part your hair in the middle, take a 3-inch section of your hair from one side, and twist it. Pin it up with a simple bobby pin or a barrette at the back. Twist the hair section from the other side and secure it with a pin.

Double Dutch braided hairdo

When it is too hot, and you don’t want your hair strands falling on your face, this braided hairstyle is just for you. The double Dutch Braid hairdo is simple and looks trendy yet effortless. It is just like a French braid, but the reverse braiding method is used to achieve this look. Start with three main sections of hair and braid your hair by twisting the middle section on top of the head. Keep braiding, and once you reach the nape of your neck, finish it with a regular braid, or you can make a ponytail as well.

Sporting a short haircut in no way means you can’t create elegant hairstyles. What’s great about short hair is you don’t have to spend endless hours styling them. Try these hairdos and flaunt in style.

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