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Must-Try Braids for Parties

Tired of styling your long hair the same way every time?

If you are going to a party this weekend, then hair extensions or hair cutting might not be the only solution! We present to you simple hair dos that can be made with braids in no time. Your long hair will remain the highlight of the hairstyle and you won’t even have to go to a hair stylist!


For this hairstyle, you can start by teasing the part of your hair where you be making a French braid.Next, smooth the hair down and get rid of the frizz by applying some hairspray to it.Now style your hair into a French braid with the hair straight back.Keep in mind that the braid should remain loose or you won’t get the round shape that is required for this style.Using two booby pins, secure the braid in a criss-cross manner.If you think the braid looks too skinny, add some volume by pulling sections out.Gather the rest of your hair and form a messy bun with it.


For this braid to work, you must start with hair that has been washed two days ago. The braid will settle perfectly with just a little bit of dirt.If you have just washed your hair, then you can use dry shampoo to add some grit and texture to it.Now, part your hair on one extreme side. It doesn’t matter which; choose the side where you normally part your hair.Next, step away from the mirror because you will only ruin the braid, if you overthink it.Start making a French braid as close to the parting as possible. As you make it, keep adding 1-inch thick band of hair to the braid at a time.As you continue, you will have braided until you’re about to reach the back of your head. That is when you will have to reposition your hands, if you want to continue.Once you have arrived at the front, reposition your hands again and make it to the other side of your parting.Keep braiding down to the tail.Secure the braid with a few pins.Tweak the braid a bit to junk it up and you’d have done a better job than any hairdresser in Banbury!

Beach Waves

Make this braid a day before the party and make sure your hair is wet.Start braiding from one side from where you part your hair.Since you will be making a Dutch braid, the right piece will be crossed under the centre section while the left one will be brought under the right.Keep adding more hair to each section evenly on each side. Secure with a band and then stretch out your braid.Wait a day before taking your hair out of the braid.Spritz the beach waves with some sea salt spray and rock the look!

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