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Make these 3 Hairstyles for Hassle-Free Shopping at the Deddington Farmers’ Market this October

If you are thinking of going to the Deddington Farmers’ Market this month for shopping, then you could be doing some serious shopping!

Serious shoppers don’t let something as easily tamed as their hair keep them from getting good bargains!

We thought you’d agree with our philosophy, which is why we got our hairdresser to share some hassle-free hairstyles with you:

Goddess Braids

You must have seen this look but may not remember its name. Think of oversized cornrows and you will know what goddess braids are! The braids are made close to the scalp and usually have a center parting. They form a halo at the back and nape of your neck hence the name, Goddess braids. Make braids and combine them to form a chignon bun. Pin it in place and nothing will keep you from shopping again!

Top Knot Undone

You may not have long tresses that you can braid. The medium length haircut might have seemed like a good idea in the summer. However, now the hair keeps coming out of any hair do that you try. Well, if your hair is going to be unruly, why not turn that into a fashion statement? The easy top knot can be made by:

Working some dry shampoo into your hair, so it doesn’t look all shiny and new.Then brush out all the tangles and form a high ponytail with your hair.Form a knot with your hair in a way that it rests above the crown.Pin and spray generously with an anti-frizz product.

Dutch Braid

Brush your hair and remove all tangles from it. You can make your Dutch braids with wet and dry hair both. If the hair is wet, you will be dealing with curly hair.Brush straight back and grab a part of your hair from the hairline that is as wide asyour forehead.Form three sections with the hair you separated and start braiding from the right side.You will need to make a standard braid first.Then start the Dutch braid by crossing both left and right strands UNDER the middle one and not OVER it.Once you have crossed the right strand, add another thin strand to it, and cross the section under the middle one. Do the same with the other side.Keep going by adding a strand after you have crossed both the right and left strands once. Stop after you have reached the nape.Make another standard braid by collecting all the hair that wasn’t included in the Dutch braid. Distribute the hair The regular braid should be made tightly, so that it stays in place and anchors the Dutch braid. Keep smoothing any flyaway hair strands, so the braids stay neat. Tie the braid with a hair tie and you are done.

Now, your hair won’t be bothering you while you shop to your heart’s content.

Let us know if our tips helped turn your experience into a stellar one!

Happy shopping!

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