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How to Have the Best Experience When Going to a Hairdresser

In a way, hair stylists have in their hands the power to change the way people see themselves because many of us can agree that our hair is a big determinant of our own self esteem. If you have hair that you absolutely love, that enhances your face shape and that makes you feel powerful and ready to conquer the world, that will definitely show up on you attitude. So, it makes total sense to want to have the best day ever at a hair salon and having perfect communication with you hairdresser is so important for you to go home satisfied and happy.

Here we share with you 5 tips to have the best experince at your local hair salon next time you want to change your look:


It’s actually very useful when the client brings a few photos of what they’d like to do on their hair and shows them to the hairdresser as a reference. Being fully aware of what you want to do on your hair can make the whole experience much more pleasant. A dozen pictures are not that helpful at all, but showing up with two or three pictures showing the type of updo you want, or the type of color you’d like, the length of the hair, or the way you’d like to style it, can make you and your hairdresser both understand what you truly want to achieve with your hair.


It’s cool if you have an idea about what you’d like to do with your hair, but keep an open mind that your hair stylist is actually the hair expert. If something won’t look good on you because of your face’s shape or anything else, it’s most likely that your hairdresser will play around with your original idea. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, or that you have to fully give up on an idea, but always hear what your hair stylist has to say about what you want to do to make sure it will look good on you.


Some people think that changing their hair requires only one appointment at a hair salon and then they are done, and while sometimes this is the case, other times this is not a realistic expectation. If you want to cut your hair and maybe do some styling you can easily spend at least 30 minutes to an hour at a hair salon, but if you want to do some advanced hair colouring, some appointments can take up to 5 hours to get it done or require multiple visits. So, going to a hair salon is not always super quick. The changes that are very extreme, like going platinum blonde, require a large amount of time to get there! More than a day, sometimes even weeks, because hairdressers not only colour your hair, but they have to also take care of the condition of your hair while getting to where you want. This ensures healthy hair at the end. Following your hairdresser’s guide to care for your hair will get you the best results.


Hairdressers spend their days alongside chemical hair products, they use special treatments, they spend most days standing up, sometimes they don’t even have time to eat. They types of products they use are not the same as those in “dye at home” boxes. So, with this in mind, when a hairdresser gives you their price, acknowledge all of the things they do to get your dream hair, even if it’s just a cut or a hair colouring treatment. If you’re on a budget, ask before hand prior to making an appointment at your hair salon to see if you can afford it.


This is a no brainer, because everybody should be respectful with one another, but sometimes respect comes in different ways. Like being on time to a appointment or letting them know if you won’t make it that day. Remember that every hairdresser’s time is super important, because they basically work only with their time and they count on you to administrate the time that they have to make the best out of the working hours.

Also, if for any reason you didn’t like the end result, don’t be afraid to politely say to your hairdresser that you are not happy with the end result. This may be uncomfortable to say but hair stylists actually enjoy seeing a smile on their clients by the end. Maybe you can both work out what is the thing that you don’t like. It could be something that’s easily fixable.

These are just simple 5 tips that anybody can do prior or during their hair salon appointment to make sure everything will flow and you enjoy the day.

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