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How to Choose a New Hair Salon or a New Hair Stylist

A bad hair stylist is a no-win situation for everyone involved. They leave you in such a sorry state that you go into crisis management mode and go hunting for a better hair stylist. As for the stylists themselves, they are left wondering why none of their clients convert to repeat customers. It is crucial to find a good and reliable hair salon and a hair stylist on whom you can always bank upon. Here’s how to find one.

Hair Salon Referrals are the Best

Wouldn’t it be logical that the hair stylist who has delivered the best results for others may also deliver good results for you? Ask your friends, family and neighbors about their favorite preferred hair stylist. Among them, the ones who sport the best hair styles obviously have the best hair stylist. Find out every detail of their hair stylist, what treatments they offer and how quick you can make appointments.

If you find it hard to ask people about referrals directly, you always have social media to the rescue. A quick inquiry will fetch you all the information you need on the best hair stylists in your area.

Research, Research and more Research

Find different hair salons in your area. Most of them are bound to have a website or at least a Facebook page where you can check their prices, treatments, and other relevant information. A quick visit to the hair salon will make you aware of whether it is sophisticated, trendy, modern, comfortable, or casual. You should choose a salon that matches your taste and budget.

You can even pick a stylist and set up a consultation with them. Usually, the consultations are free, and you can ask them how they will be able to help you. Perhaps, they can share a portfolio of their previous work with pictures.

Read Online Hair Salon Reviews

The first rule of online reviews is that negative reviews make their way online more than the positive reviews. That’s because writing a review is a lot of effort. Most of us take the pain of writing reviews only when we have been severely disappointed, and don’t bother writing positive reviews. So, take the negative reviews with a pinch of salt.

Go visit the social media pages of the website, such as on Facebook or Instagram. You will easily find uploaded pictures of their stylists, various customers sporting their latest hairstyles, and comment feedbacks. Check out the hair style of the stylist too. All of these things will help you ascertain the general style of the saloon and the quality of service.

Check The Hair Salon Price List

There is bound to be some variations in pricing between any two salons. The quality of the service is more important than the pricing. However, it would be impractical to only go by quality, if you cannot afford the prices. Therefore, once you have checked out the quality of service of various salons from different sources, compare their prices. You don’t have to compare all the prices. Find out the treatments that you generally use, and compare them. Finally, it is up to you to decide whether the prices of a salon is worth the service quality offered by it.

Hair Salon Location Does Matter

Don’t go only by the brand name being advertised on the radio or billboards. There is simply no point in driving through an hour of traffic to visit a salon. Your choice of salon should be near you. If you can’t find one near your home, find one near your workplace or local shopping center. More importantly, don’t blindly go by brand name. Popular branded chains are a rage these days. Sure, most of them do have a pretty reliable and standard quality of service however, a lot of local salons do in fact offer superb services, and usually at much better prices. Moreover, you don’t always need state-of-the-art equipment to deliver excellent quality of services. So, find reputed salons in your area.

Start Small When You Find a New Hair Salon

When you are trying something new, you always want to minimize your risks. So, start small. Visit different salons from your shortlist and get yourself a shampoo, trim or blow dry. Your choice of treatment should not affect your overall look in a major way, or even if it does, it should be easily rectifiable. That way, you can ensure that if they make any big mistakes, another competent hair stylist or salon can remedy it easily.

During the entire time of your visit, keep a track of everything that goes with a service. Did they make you wait while they kept chatting? Were they gentle and caring about your needs? Did the entire experience leave you feeling happy? You can enquire with the stylist about any ideas they have about improving your hair style to match your personality. This will give you an idea of their taste and creativity.

Don’t Give Up Easily Finding a Hair Salon

It’s not easy to find a great salon and hair stylist. It will definitely take a few iterations until you find one to suit your taste. Until then, do not be afraid to change the salon or your hairstylist. Also, don’t lose your motivation to find a good stylist at the earliest signs of failure. Your looks contribute to your personality in a major way. So, do not let a bit of laziness come in the way of you finding a stylist that can bring out the best in you.

Be Loyal to a Good Hair Salon

Once you have found a good hair stylist, do not lose them at any cost. It’s not that you will never find a stylist better than them but it takes time for them to know your personality. The thing is that your stylist will be able to give you the best look only when they understand the

shape of your face, your personality, and your general behavior. That’s why it is hardly possible to get the best looks on your first trip to the salon. As you visit them more, they begin to understand your personality better and will accordingly highlight your best features to go with your personality. If you drop a stylist that you have come to rely upon for some time, it will take a bit of a time for any new stylist to understand you and give you the best treatments available.

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