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How to Blow-dry your hair the Right Way

Many people have different ways of blow-drying their hair, which exactly is the reason why a lot of them are doing it the wrong way. Now, some people know they’re not getting it right, but then, who really makes a lecture on proper blow-drying procedures, these days?

However, if you really want to know how to get and maintain those good looks and a healthy hair, then read on; you’ve just hit the right link! You’ll find in this guide, useful information that has helped several hairdressers Banbury become better in their trade. Note that the purpose of this article is also to help you see how you can blow-dry your hair, yourself- without needing to go to a salon every now and then.

Three basic steps to blow-drying your hair the right way

Sometimes, drying and styling the perfect hair look takes less time and effort than you think you should spend. Here is the solution! These three basic steps may be all that you need to follow, each time you need to blow-dry your hair:

Step 1: Section your hair

Sectioning your hair makes it easier for you to blow-dry the hair, without leaving out any parts. It saves time, while also giving you more control over the drying. Hair sectioning makes blow-drying processes more effective, and you’ll find a lot of hair salon Banbury that would readily use this method.

Note that it also helps protect the health of your hair, since you would be able to estimate more precisely, the amount of heat that you’ve applied to each part- when you start drying.

Step 2: Brush your hair per section as you apply heat

After choosing the right amount of heat that suits your type of hair, apply the heat to each section of the hair. While doing this, use an ideal brush to slowly comb through the hair, until you’re done.

It is important that you direct the nozzle of the drier towards the hair at a downward angle position, so as to facilitate smoothness and shine. Additionally, it is best to brush and dry the hair, from its root to the end.

Step 3: Style the dried hair

Once you’ve dried your hair, the final step is to style it up. At this point, bring all of the hair sections together by gently comb all of the hair. The ends of your hair would always be the part to concentrate on, for your style.

Most hairstylists Banbury makes hair curls by rolling up hair ends on round brushes, after which high heat is applied. Once this is done, they apply cold air from the drier to set everything in place. You wouldn’t need to do this, however, if you want to leave your hair ends straight. Simply apply some more warm air to the hair, as you gently comb it through.

Asides the use of hair products that suits an individual’s hair, heat-protective products should also be added to the hair before drying. This is important as it protects the hair from heat damage. You should also firstly dry your hair with a soft towel- after washing, and not immediately bring it under the blow-drier.

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