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Eight Drop-Dead Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Short Hair

Women with short hair often complain that they are unable to style their hair in stylish and fun ways.

Well, after reading this article we’re sure no girl with short hair would complain because we present some awesome ways to make your short hair look gorgeous!

Psstt.. Do you know that the stylists at Total Image Hair Salon in Banbury can help you create these looks as well? Yes they absolutely can.

Read ahead and pick the gorgeous hairstyle you want to try.

1.    Beachy Waves

If there is any universally adored hair look then trust us it is the perfect beachy waves.

This hairstyle looks perfect on all occasions whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, or a small get-together at home.

2.    Half-Bun

This funky hairdo is too cool not to try out.

Wearing a half-bun comes with an added bonus as well. Do you know what that is? Well, adding waviness to the style can make your thin locks look more voluminous.

3.    Braided Bangs

Short hair makes all the girls look cute, but one way to look even cuter is to have side braided bangs. Search this on the internet and we are sure you will love it.

4.    A Double Top-Knot

If you thought a top-knot is meant just for long-haired women, then think again, because not only you can sport a simple top-knot but a double top-knot as well.

So, show your crazy side by styling your hair in a stylishly wacky double top-knot.

5.    Slicked Back Pixie Haircut

All those girls out there who have a pixie cut can easily go for a sexy slicked back look.

This is the kind of hairstyle that will make you appear both sleek and sophisticated at the same time.

6.    Centre Braided

Growing out a pixie cut is a frustrating phase to be stuck in at! Your hair is a complete mess.

The best thing that could be done during this time is to stylishly braid your hair from the centre and look ultra cool!

7.    Teased Pony

Who said that short-haired women can’t pull off a teased pony? With some blow-dry and the right hair products, this look can easily be created on any short-haired girl out there!

8.    Low-Wrapped Bun

So what if you can’t tie up your hair in a top bun, you can still make a low-wrapped bun. To achieve this look, lots of hair gel would be needed to keep your small strands of hair from coming out of the bun.

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