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Summer is here and for a lot of people this means it’s that time of the year when they get to try out new hair colours, get a touch up on old ones or just add highlights to change the outline. Either way, they get to explore new avenues or new meanings to beauty and this is absolutely wonderful. Summer kind of has a long list of popular colour trends that celebrities or other people have tried on that have been tagged “summer colours” but a lot can be said about a person by the colour they choose to use. Here are some colours we think are really cool and suitable for this summer.


Though this isn’t just any blonde but honey blonde. It is a tad warmer seeing that warmer colours will make it to a lot of heads this summer. With this colour, you’d definitely not have to keep making salon appointments bi-weekly and it is more of an easy upkeep kind of hair. It kind of blends in with the hair and keeps it looking really natural but also stands out under the right light. It has a subtle undertone and looks really good for the season ahead.

Rose Pink

This may seem a tad absurd but it is incredibly beautiful. It would of course not be applied on to the roots so as to create that halo look. It is subtle, and very pleasing to the eye. It could also be rated as bold considering you have your hair all coloured like a rose but really feminine and romantic. If you have a cool skin tone, try the dusty rose look as it will just make you glow wherever you find yourself. It isn’t particularly 3D and in your face but it is bold but quiet all at the same time. It is still very much in vogue.


This is bold and will definitely stand you out anywhere. However, this is equally very beautiful and original. It would however require persistent upkeep as these colours tend to become very rusty after a while. Think of it as needing a conventional lip gloss to make it shine more. There are conditioners with those kind of effects and you should explore those. You would need to keep it vibrant and alive otherwise it has the capacity to grow on you.

Pitch Black

This is bold and subtle at the same time. If you have been known to pursue highlights a lot and your original colour stems from light brown to coffee brown, try dyeing it pitch black. With monotone colours such as this, you really don’t get to worry about your hair growing out or about so much maintenance. It is easy to rock and almost very convenient. If you’re also trying to stay on the low and just rock a plain colour, this is what you want.

There’s definitely going to be an array of colours this summer but just be sure to explore those suitable for your skin tone. You don’t want to look out of place.

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