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Being Straight about Chemical Straighteners

Running a hair salon, Total Image Banbury, in Banbury puts me in a unique position. I not only know the latest trends that suddenly appear in hair styling. I also know what my customers would want to about them!

Chemical straighteners are a topic that has been quite popular amongst my customers. That is why, I decided to talk about it on my blog.

Let us start with how chemical relaxers work. They are able to set your hair straight by breaking the disulfide bonds between them. Ask a hair stylist for a simplified definition of the process and they will tell you that it is like a perm but only backwards!

What has you worried are people talking about how chemical straightening can potentially damage your hair. While straightening your hair this way can be more harmful than getting a perm will be, the damage can be minimized. Moreover, relaxing the hair can be beneficial for your hair in the long run. Why? Because once you straighten it, you won’t be exposing it to other harmful procedures, such as flat irons etc.

But, is chemical straightening even suitable for your hair? Here are some things that can help you decide:

Hair Texture

While all hair when straightened will result in a sleek, shiny look, people with unruly, thick, frizzy hair will benefit the most. Consider chemical straightening only, if you want a dramatic transformation!

Straightening Method

Any hairdresser will tell you that there are several ways by which chemical straightening can be done. For instance, if you want a tame and temporary look, then opt for the Brazilian straightening method. On the other hand, the results of the traditional Japanese method are permanent and dead straight. Your hairdresser will take your wishes in consideration when deciding the right method for your hair.

Hair Type

Like most hair treatments, this one will also depend on your hair type. The hairstylist will not just consider the texture of your hair before they can straighten it out with the help of chemicals. They will also have to ascertain the porosity, density, curl pattern, and elasticity of your hair. Moreover, they will also be looking at how healthy your hair and scalp are. Once they know all that, only then will they determine a solution that will be best for your hair.

Frequency of Washing

You might be thinking of changing how frequently you wash your hair after getting them chemically treated. Don’t! The frequency will remain the same, depending on how fast your hair becomes greasy after a wash. However, one thing does change. You will need to condition your chemically straightened hair more often.

Unlike hair extensions , getting your hair straightened chemical brings a permanent change. Just as you have to wait for your hair to grow out after a disastrous round of hair cutting, you will have to do the same with chemical straightening. Don’t make this decision lightly because the process alters the texture of your hair. Say yes to chemical straightening but only if you are ready to rock the look!

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