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5 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles You Will Love

Most times a lot of people want to venture out and be more adventurous with their hair, or maybe they just need something different but aren’t exactly sure if they could go all out with a bold color tint. Perhaps they should stick to natural highlights. A visit to your hair salon would tell you that. Your hairdresser could go on and on with hair colors or styles or different types of balayage you could try. If you’re into having a sun-kissed hair every time you step out, then you are in the right place. Let’s go over some absolutely beautiful balayage styles that you could try.

Brown is Lovely

Try a bit of brown in the mix. Roots are darker and the tips are much lighter, almost blonde. This is a perfect balayage style that will turn heads. Curls also accentuate the highlights a lot more and just add finishing touches to the hair. This could also be beautiful on long hair considering that the curls will be thicker and longer. If you are a brown head, then this is something you should try out. Absolutely beautiful for the summer.


This is definitely for the blondes. Adding more colour and light in hair. This would make you look more natural if you don’t want to depart from your original hair color. It is really subtle but still brings out beauty in the layers. We recommend strawberry blonde which is highlighted with a warm blonde to give it the sun kissed look you would want. A beautiful combination for the summer.


Usually they say purple signifies royalty and this look definitely kills it. Adding this deep purple really brings out a shine. This is a purple highlight on a black head. More like for a dramatic effect and it definitely lives up anyone’s look. This is for people who wouldn’t mind taking it a step further and letting go. This color just sits right on the hair and is subtle considering that it is on a black background. It definitely pops out in certain lights otherwise it is well hidden.

Purple and Red

If you want something really special, why not try a purple and red balayage laid on a deep brown background. This is for people who want some slight additions or highlights to their hair but really don’t want to go all out. This color just sets the tone right. It brings a pop of color to the hair and the curls just make it stand out. It is perfect for that summer look.

Ombre and Orange

An orange ombre is really eye catching as you’d be seen anywhere, even at a distance. This is the aim of the look anyway. It is bold, it is catchy and it is just adventurous. It will definitely stand you out in the crowd. This balayage starts just after the roots and goes down to the tips in bright orange. It is different from the rest and very unique.

So you have 5 beautiful styles to pick from. You could also explore bolder tints if you want as they could be really beautiful too, just make sure to have fun.

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