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You know how people take drastic hair measures for a bit like dye their hair blonde or cut their hair short and after a while, the euphoria of the new style or colour dies down and they are most surely in need of a restyle? Well that’s just what it is. Sometimes you’d need to keep up with the original style but just change the outline but at other times, you may need a whole new face lift. Whether it’s a brand new colour or something as minute as trimming your split ends, restyles could just give the hair a whole new look or enhance an original style. There are tons of restyles that have worked tremendous changes on people and here are a few.

Blonde to Brunette

So let’s say your hair is brown and you coloured your tips blonde, kind of like a balayage or highlights but it was more of full highlights. This could be beautiful especially with curls and waves. So you rock your blonde highlights for a while and you need to restyle your hair maybe because the summer is over. You could try being a brunette with red highlights. This colour just tells quite the story. Your hair will make a drastic move from blonde to brunette and you would still manage to make it work elegantly.

Explore the Length

For a long hair that recently got reddish and purple highlights, try cutting it for a restyle. Do not exactly cut everything off but you could reduce what was a bra length to let’s say shoulder length. And with the new length retouch the highlights and get it curled for the bangs. Oh and don’t forget the burgundy matte lipstick to go with. This would definitely help you rock that colour immensely. The drama with the length and the colour of the highlight are just an unusual but welcome combo that people want to see. Remember that a lot happens when your hair accentuates your beauty. It must be commensurate to your skin tone or your body type or shape. So your hair needs to say what you want it to say together with your body.

Bob it out

If you’re used to wearing your hair straight and maybe just a plain colour with no highlights or lowlights, try something different. Restyle it so that it is cut into a bob with bangs on the side and you could include highlights, something a bit brighter than your original hair colour. When you cut your hair, you would notice how full it seems, it’s almost like you got more volume but it is just the length playing games with you. So with the illusion of volume, create highlights that can glow in the light. Play with it a little but it is important that you have fun with your restyle. Sometimes restyles take the glory away from the original hairstyle but it also helps you better understand how you would feel with certain hairstyles and what to keep longer. It gives you ideas on hair beauty peculiar

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