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3 Must Have Keratin Treatments

Do you ever want to wake up looking like a picture on a magazine? You know, the perfect hair, make up ready look you see on the media or in magazines. There’s usually that cliché caption that reads “I woke up like this”. You wouldn’t have to worry about frizzes when you wake up in the morning or even when you walk in the rain and you definitely will not have the bad hair days people most often experience. Now, that would be pretty amazing and would save you so much time getting your hair ready every day. All these are possible with the use of the right keratin treatment.

We all know what keratin does to hair, all that shine and frizz free hair and the fact that you get to blow dry your hair normally after the treatment and still retain that shine. It is the remedy for your hair if you’re finding it a tad difficult to tame. Oh and it makes hair smooth to touch. Keratin treatments are a must have and these are a few you should consider.

Brazilian Keratin

This is more suitable for people with curly hair which may be susceptible to humidity. Usually it is applied in generous amounts to your hair by your hairdresser before it is blow dried. It is then flat ironed to make sure that the treatment is sealed into the strands of your hair. You should understand that keratin is merely a boost of the already present proteins in your hair. This process usually takes about an hour. The effect of the keratin treatment lasts for about 3 to 6 months from the date of treatment. It is cost effective. Look for a brand of keratin has no formaldehyde present.

Japzilian Keratin

This treatment is more of a combination of Brazilian keratin and a Japanese hair treatment, both meant to help strengthen the hair. The Brazilian keratin is first applied on the hair and blow dried. Thereafter it is flat ironed to seal it in. After this the Japanese treatment is applied onto the hair using a comb. It is applied two times on to hair. Then it is left to set for about an hour. It is thereafter washed and blow dried again. This particular treatment lasts 5 months longer than the Brazilian keratin treatment.

Soft Keratin

This one mostly eliminates frizz and just makes the hair soft and smooth but still keeps the curls in place. It is suitable for fine and medium texture hair types seeing that it is not as effective as the Japzilian Keratin. Usually applied from roots to the tip of the hair and thereafter the hair is blow dried and of course flattened with a flat iron. It is more temporary as it lasts for 2 months.

Keratin could be the answer to your bad hair days but everything must be used in moderation so be sure to pace it.

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