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3 Hair Masks that Pamper Your Hair

Having a good hairdresser who understands your hair and what it needs to look its best is a blessing. Not all of us are as fortunate though to end up with such a professional. You will have to take care of your own hair until you find “the one” for you.

We fail to realize that hair damage can result from a variety of sources, including nutritional deficiencies, excessive stress, illnesses, and over exposure. If you feel that your hair has lost its shine and looks dull and lifeless, then the following recipes of hair masks might change that!

All these hair masks are easy to make, in terms of expertise, ingredients, and recipe. Why not give them a try?

1. Egg Mask

Don’t wait for a visit to a salon to make this mask. It is really easily made and very good for your hair because eggs are protein-rich and will help damaged hair. They also contain beneficial nutrients, such as lecithin and fatty acids.

In an egg white, add 1 tbsp olive oil and honey. Whisk the mixture until it forms a smooth paste.Once the mixture has been made, apply it to both the hair and scalp. Keep it on for half hour.After 30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cool water. Hot water will make the proteins in the egg clot and it will be difficult to remove.

2. Olive Oil Mask

Dandruff is a common enough problem but when the weather gets colder, it becomes an even more of a nuisance. Luckily, we have just the recipe for a hair mask that will help combat dandruff. The ingredients in this mask do not prevent dandruff, they will also take away the itchiness of the scalp and leave behind healthy, nourished, and refreshed hair.

In a small bowl, mix together two tablespoons of olive oil with as much water and as much lemon juice.Apply the mixture to your hair, making sure that you massage it into your scalp.Let it stay on for half an hour before you shampoo your hair.

3. Restructuring Mask

This mask will help hair that has split ends and feels brittle to touch. The restructuring mask contains ingredients that will help strengthen your hair again. IT has banana that will prevent your hair from turning dry and frizzy. It also contains jojoba oil that will help hair grow and honey since it can repair the damage and keep your hair hydrated.

Take half of a banana and blend it with two ounces of water.Add to it ¼ cup of mayonnaise and mix well.Next, pour in 1 tbsp each of jojoba, coconut, and olive oils. Mix again.Lastly, add two tablespoons of honey. Blend well until no fruit chunks remain.Strain the mixture and apply it to your hair, starting from roots and going all the way to the ends.Keep for half an hour and shampoo your hair after that.

If you don’t live near a beauty salon that can provide the care and pampering that your hair deserves, we hope these tips will help. If you do try them out, let us know which of the hair masks mentioned here worked for you and which didn’t!

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