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2 Hairstyles you can wear to the Opening of Atelier Art Showroom & Other Formal Events

There seems to be a misconception that leads people to think that a hair style for a formal occasion needs to be complicated. It doesn’t! In fact, if you don’t want to go with a twist or bun, you can simply try a variation of the classic pony tail and still come out looking stellar.

We have 2 simple hair dos for you that will be as perfect at the Atelier Art Showroom opening as they will be for a day at work! Let’s get started…

Low Updo

This hairdo might look complicated to make but is probably the easy hairstyles to make. It gives your hair a tousled look that is both fun but will still suit a formal event. No need of fancy hair extensions when it comes to this hairstyle, here is what you need to do:

Separate your hair into three sections and make ponytails with each. The ponytails should be spaced an inch apart from each other. If you have thin hair, then it is better to go with ½ of space.Create three looped buns by pulling your hair halfway through one of the ponytails.Now circle the hair tie by taking both sides of the bun.Fasten the hair in place, using bobby pins.Do the same with the other two ponytails.

Curly Half Updo

This updo won’t require hair colour or a visit to a salon. Instead, all you will need are hairspray, a comb, a serum that will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, and a hair clip. Here goes…

Separate your hair into a top and bottom part. It isn’t necessary that they be equal in size. In fact, it is better, if there is more hair in the section at the bottom than on the top one.Now, comb the top portion to smooth it out. Do not comb right down to the scalp.Once you have smoothed the hair, tease it by combing it backwards. What you will end up with is a nice bump. Use a hair clip to secure it at the top of your hair.Spray the bump with hairspray, so it will stick around until the entirety of the event.For curly hair, you can also use a humidity-fighting product. Use it in combination with a styling gel that will ensure that the curls will not slip out of their confines. Use some anti-frizz product as well.If you have kinky hair, then it can get damaged due to teasing. If that is the case, don’t tease but tap your hair instead of backcombing it with the comb. Next, spray on some hairspray to secure it. Use a good serum to catch the bottom curls and you are done!

What do you think? Are these hairdos easy to make or what? If you wear your hair any other way when attending formal functions, mention it in the comments below!

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