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2 Hairstyles You Can Wear to the Classic Musical, Banbury Operatic Society presents Half a Sixpence!

The musical, Half a Sixpence, is almost upon you. Yet there you are thinking how to wear your hair. You can’t stop worrying now because we have two hairstyles that will be perfect for an evening at a classic musical! The best part about these hairstyles is that we chose one each for short and medium-long length hair. Too often we have heard our customers complain that hair experts forget that everybody may not have the same length of hair. So, you might be out of ideas but we can help.

With our tips, there won’t be any need for a trip down to the salon, even if we love having you!

Shall we get started?

Messy Ponytail for Short Hair

From one side of the top of your head, pick one section of hair that is closest to your face. Divide it into 3, for the braid.This braid is made sort of backwards because the three sections won’t be passing over one another but under.Keep making the braid with more sections of the hair, limiting yourself to the top layer. Keep adding these sections to the hair in your hand.Once you have braided your way down to 2 inches behind your ear, stop adding more hair.Make another braid with the hair on the other side of your head.After both braids have been completed, tie them together with one hair tie.You must be left with unbraided hair that is usually the bane of all hairstyles. No worries, this hairstyle includes them too. Simply collect them and make a ponytail with it. You’re done!

French Twist for Medium-Long Hair

To add some texture to your hair, spray some hairspray on it and lightly ruffle the hair starting from the hairline at the root.The next step includes forming a section, which can be done by gathering your hair and separating into left, right, and a central Mohawk parts. Pin each part.Return to the mohawk and start teasing its front and keep moving until you reach the back. The idea is to make a poufy section with the Mohawk part.Make sure not to crush the poufy part and twist the hair downwards. Pin it in place.Now focus your attention on the left part of the hair. Grab an inch long portion of your hair, twist it, and then pull on one strand at the end to get some texture. Pin its end on the opposite side.Do the same with the hair on the right side and keep going by alternating from side to side until you have reached the bottom.Now tuck the pinned hair into a twist.Gather all the remaining hair and style it in the way you desire.Pile on some more hairspray to keep your hair in place for longer.

Say goodbye to Brazilian blow dry and greet these hairstyles and look radiant!

Have a good evening!

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