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Freshly coloured hair is sharp and shinning but over a period of time, exposure to sun and chemicals makes it dull. You can’t keep running to the hairdresser to re-colour your hair every month as this turns out to be expensive.

The following are great tips to having a long-lasting hair colour.

Use the Right Products

Try to avoid drastic changes when colouring your hair. You have to look for a hair colour that will suit you and your skin tone. Many hair colour brands offer many shades within the tone. If you don’t know what the best products might be, we recommend that you have your hair coloured in a professional salon or by an experienced stylist. Also, Shampoos and conditioners that are hydrated are a very good products to use. Use the ones that are labeled “for coloured hair”. Lastly, try to ensure that the products you use are all alcohol free.

Protect Your Hair While Swimming

Swimming pool water is chlorinated so it is always good to take the following steps before swimming:

Use coconut oil to coat the hair so that chlorine does not come in contact with it.Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water.Use a leave in conditioner.Wear a swimming cap

Avoid shampooing your hair everyday

It is advisable not to shampoo your hair everyday because hair colouring works best on dirty hair. This is because dirty hair lacks the slippery conditioner that freshly washed locks have. Colouring your hair within 24 – 48 hours of a last wash is usually fine because colour stays on the strands and penetrates better for more predictable results. Always start with your hair combed into your usual style when you want to colour your hair because by doing this you will perfect the colour on top before moving to the hair underneath the first layer.

SPF Protection From Sunlight

Your hair should be just as protected as your skin when you spend time in the sun in order to avoid damaging your coloured hair. It is advisable that you use organic scalp and hair mist, sun shield, lock and block protective spray that completely coats strands with UV damage preventing antioxidants. You can also use protective sun veil.

5  Use a Deep Conditioning Mask

Your shade of colour or tint dye will naturally fade over a period of time due to sun exposure and heated styling tools or from simply washing your hair. In order to maintain shine and have a long lasting hair colour it is essential that you use deep conditioners designed for coloured hair. You can reverse damage and retain a long-lasting hair colouring by using deep conditioning hair masks.

In essence, it is good to use the right products, protect your hair while swimming and from SPF. Always avoid shampooing everyday and remember to use a deep conditioning mask.

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